WordPress Portfolio Plugins For Your Website

If your business depends on your abilities or your past work, you need a portfolio-based website. Generally speaking, it is easy to explain to you that you can let images speak for yourself, and as we all know, a single image can speak a thousand words. If you are using WordPress, you will find that there are a large number of gallery and WordPress portfolio plugins that can help you create amazing websites.

However, there is no hard and fast rule, generally, the single page collection of images is referred to as the gallery. A visitor can click on these images, and they will open in a lightbox. Generally, there is no germination of galleries. On the other hand, a portfolio is also a collection of images, but it can have several pages. In addition, clicking on an image will link to the portfolio item you created.

WordPress comes with a built-in gallery feature, but it is small on aesthetics and functionality. Using plugins to build galleries and portfolios with WordPress is a great option. The plugins you choose have to be fast, clean, encrypted, easy to use and responsive.

Theme or Plugin 

You should also know that using plugins is not always necessary. Sometimes, your theme can also help in creating beautiful portfolios. Many themes come with built-in ability to build gallery and portfolio website. However, before you reach for a topic, you should know that switching to another subject below the line can be quite confusing.

Here’s why you should choose a theme plugin to handle your portfolio:

Typically, themes are meant to handle design aspects of the website, leaving plugins to handle functionality.

Using a theme for portfolio or other tasks locks on that theme. When you go to another topic, all the data related to the portfolio will still be available in the database, but will not show up in the new topic. It is not in the case of plugins. You can secure all content securely on a new theme without loss of data, for that you may refer to WordPress help. A portfolio-themed website reduces your independence to change the theme in the future.

Free WordPress Portfolio plugins:

Many quality portfolios specific plugins are available for free download from the WordPress plugin directory. Many of them enjoy a high rating and you can help complete the galleries and even directly departments. There are some popular plugins.

NextGEN Gallery:

With more than a million downloads, Nextgen is a versatile plugin that can handle anything, from the simple photo to the complex requirements of professional photographers, visual artists, and other professionals. This gives you the ability to fully manage your gallery. This allows you to upload, rearrange or sort photos and create beautiful albums by grouping galleries. You can also edit thumbnails and import metadata.

Evira Gallery Lite:

Envira Gallery is a favorite with thousands of photographers and designers. As this plugin allows you to work in a familiar WordPress environment, it takes only minutes to create a gallery. The user interface fits well in the WordPress admin area and is easy to use. Creating a new gallery is as easy as creating a new post.

Foo Gallery:

Creating a gallery using Foo Gallery is almost like creating a new post in WordPress. The plugin adds a button to the post editor, which you can click to create a gallery. Within a few minutes, you can have amazingly responsive galleries that load very fast on your website. In addition, you get crisp thumbnails too.

Project by WooThemes:

Projects by WooThemes is a suitable and easy-to-use plugin for displaying a portfolio of projects. Developers can also extend the functions of the plugin by using hooks and filters because the plugin is also a good option for professionals and developers. The plugin connects well with many other WooCommerce extensions and can prove useful on a WooCommerce website.

Premium Portfolio plugins for WordPress:

It adheres to three plugins that are available only as paid plugins and are really rich in features. They help you build a grid, which can hold any piece of material including portfolio.

Go Portfolio:

Go Portfolio is a plugin that is rich in simple features actually used. This is a complete solution to creating and managing the portfolio. By using the admin panel, you can create a portfolio in minutes and integrate it into your WordPress. The plugin is compatible with many WordPress themes along with Visual Composer.

Essential Grid:

Essential Grid is not a pure portfolio plugin in this sense that it can handle anything that has to be kept in the grid including portfolio. This is a complete solution for displaying various content formats including the iframe content in a highly customizable grid. Includes a visual skin builder, many ready-made skins and the ability to export skins designed by you.

Media Grid:

The Media Grid has a no-touch approach to building a portfolio. It is designed to provide a grid for displaying galleries in an effective manner. The plugin includes a visual builder that allows you to create your own grid using drag and drop.

Lightbox in the Media Grid can handle HTML and scripts to keep your portfolio pages lightweight. A real-time search feature helps find content in a large grid.

It closes our list of plugins. With so many plugin options for free, you should not hesitate to add a gallery or portfolio to your website. We like to hear about your favorite plugin and your experience in the comments below.

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