Why You should Switch to Voice Over Long Term Evolution Mobile Network

Now almost many mobile networks has switched to VoLTE network to ensure the top class services. VoLTE simply means the 4G mobile network for the smartphone users. In india, Reliance Jio is the first mobile network to give VoLTE services to all the users throughout since the company was launched with 4G network and not upgraded from 3G or 2G networks. And so many other companies in india switching to the VoLTE technology from 3G network. It is better and fruitful to use VoLTE network to experience top class mobile services, with so many advanced features loaded with.

Why You should Switch to Voice Over Long Term Evolution Mobile Network

Wit traditional old technology, we have experienced so many problems while making voice calls. To overcome those issues, VoLTE helps. Mainly VoLTE is developed to focus on giving high quality voice call services for the smartphone users. Earlier call drops was one of the major technical issues for the smartphone users and even government and court has interfered with the issue to ensure quality services to the people.


How VoLTE Featured to be good at Voice calls


VoLTE almost same as Voip (Voice over internet protocols), such as the smartphone apps are able to do high quality voice calls over broadband or mobile network. For this, the network should be of having good quality. Signal quality should be high and some features should be loaded. In short, using VoLTE smartphone apps like Jio4GVoice, skype etc, the users could make voice calls over mobile network without old traditional method, phone calls. For example, In reliance Jio, Jio4GVoice app is Volte app and using which making high quality voice calls over mobile network. On the other hand, Voice calls are driven by mobile or broadband network with the help of some developed apps.


One of the fruitful feature of these types of voice calls are, the quality of voice calls. The users will get high quality voice calls over the smartphone network or even can make hd video calls too. The chapter for the call drops has been closed when VoLTE has introduced.


Simultaneous use of both voice calls and data is the another cool features that own VoLTE network. In old days, we can use one service at a time. When we are in a voice call, the data packet will end to make calls, and there is no more internet connection till we end the voice calls. But the story has changed in VoLTE. The users can be able to make both services at a time and thus can saves time.

Roaming is no more in this way since the voice calls are over mobile network. Bu that is not in today case since TRAI has make an end to roaming couple of years ago.


By using VoLTE is both beneficial for the end users and the mobile network operators. The technology is very robust and very efficient to use than the traditional voice calls technology. No separate carrier needed to deliver the voice call services and mobile data pack network. One single carrier is enough so that only little technical requirement is enough. And using this technology, more value added services like text, audio & video conferencing, media rich chatting, video sharing, live video conference etc are possible. And it is technically proven that the smartphone battery charges can be saves up to 40%.

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