Why you should reconnect with your old friend?

We meet new people every day in our lives, however, they are few people we form a bond with. Over the years I have with some great people who I have called my friends, but with passing time I lost touch with many of my friends. Recently I met an old friend from my college at a store. With casual handshake at the store to brunch at a diner nearby we reminisced our old college days, I have to admit it was fun. This incident led me to think about how I have lost touch with my old friends and how much I miss them. If you are wondering why you should meet your old friends and what possible good can come out of it, then keep reading and I am sure by the end of this page you will too call your old friends!
You may have heard this phrase a few times over and it is true. While we were in school, we were not aware of social barriers and made friends merely for fun, not to establish contacts in offices. These friends are your true friends. Because they have made you their friend because of who you are, not because of your status and race. To connect with these friends will remind you there are people who you can talk about anything without any expectations from them or yourself. As they have known you from your childhood and formative years, they can understand you better and can give you better advice.
Meeting old friends is a very humbling experience indeed. You see how far you have come, not only in financial and career-wise but emotionally as well. With time we often forget where we began from but by meeting these old friends you will always remember the struggles you have gone through. You will feel proud of yourself by looking back how hard you have worked to come this far. It also helps you to realize there are other things important as well other than your career and promotions. With professional life, you also need a personal life, people who you can share and enjoy your success with.
You and your friends might have started in the same place, but now you are all in different places. Your friends may be working in entirely different fields in different offices, which means you have contacts in different places which might come in handy one day. With old friends in different offices, you will have a familiar face when you are visiting for the first time. Plus, they will be able to guide you and assist you in the process and introduce you to other people.
When everyone is working in different fields you get to learn about different fields. This helps you to learn what is going on beyond your office and industry. You get plenty of knowledge about other industries, offices, and processes. This learning will help you to grow and make better-informed decisions.
When you meet your friends you automatically make comparisons, these comparisons can be healthy for you. This assists you in thinking what decisions you have made which have proved to be better if you are doing better than your friend you will be proud of your achievements and decisions you have made. You might also be able to help your friend to get on a better track. Even if you are not doing better than your friend even that comparison is healthy. It will motivate to perform well and make improved decisions, so you can be at the same pace with your friend.
With new friends, you might not feel comfortable with sharing your problems or asking for help. But with your old friends, you know that they are reliable and will try their best to help you. His reliability and comfort cannot be achieved with new friends. With old friends, you can ask for small favors without being judged or repercussions.
It goes without saying that children learn from their parents the most. We are all familiar with the importance of friendship. When we meet with old friends and have a good time, the kids learn the significance of boding as well. They learn how vital it is to form friendships and maintain them so they would not be isolated from society.
The very last reason which could be the only reason to reconnect with your pals is “it is fun”. You get to meet buddies and relish all the wonderful moments you have once lived. By catching up with your old friends you will get to know gossip about your entire hometown, school and college mates which is always fun. Not only you are able to laugh at all the silly things you have done previously but you get to make new memories as well.
These are the 8 reasons why you should call your old friends. I realize it might be a tad difficult to find your old buddies but with latest technology and number of social networking sites, you can easily find them. And what better occasion to connect than New Year Eve? Most of your friends will be on vacation away from office load so they might be able to chat with you or come to visit you or vice versa. It is a little unnerving to call your old friend as you might not know how they will respond. It might not go in the way you are expecting. But you can reduce the chances of being ignored by putting in a little more effort. You can send them a hand-written letter with a gift which is more personal and shows your sincerity.
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Tell us in the comments below? Would you reconnect with your old chumps at this New Year? Would you like to suggest how to reconnect with your old friend?