Why the ocean filled with Microplastics?

  1. I heard so much about microplastics nowadays. But what I don’t know is what the government is doing on this. Why the government or Unesco Or anything is not taking any serious action on this. We are really losing this planet it’s not some domes day movie. It’s really happening. The snow samples and ocean is full of microplastics and the land is full of plastics. Why they don’t just ban plastics like cocaine or some other serious drugs.
    Yes it’s definitely a drug thats why we are not able to get rid of it once we are being introduced. Only difference is the drug addicts are less when compared to plastic addicts and the other difference the drug is harmful for the person who use that and plastics is harmful for every living and non living beings in the earth. Even the small algae/earthworms to human beings.
    I am not gonna talk about facts and all am just writing about what the common men or women know. There are so much microplastics have been settled in the ocean and most of the fishes, sea based and earth based animals are dying because of plastics. We all have heared lots of facts in social media like the whale died with stomach full of plastics and the dolphin died out of starvation it’s because the bottle cap has stucked in its mouth.
    So much as happened and still happening because of one living creature luxurious life. I. E human beings it’s because we can’t live without plastics even though it will destroy this planet in the near future. That’s why government and people have shut their eyes close and use plastics instead of banning them. I know government is trying something to eradicate the microplastics. Why they don’t ban the plastics and do something that has been already dumped. First of all we need to close the way that the mess comes in and then only you have to clean up the mess you have already created.
    I know and we all know that eradicating plastics may bring economic crises to the society but we can get up from that in the near future but what we cant able to get back is our precious planets. Think our kids and grandkids will live without plastics. But they can’t live without food, nature and oxygen. Think what kind of future we are heading to. We should not wait for others or government to change or do something about it. Everyone one of us need to change and reduce the usage of plastics atleast one time use plastics. Everything change only we change and nothing will change if we don’t change.
    We have already poluted water, air, land and we cut trees and planted plastics in earth.