Why Special Education is Called Inclusive Education


Similar to every other parent, parents of those children who have special needsare also faced with their fare share of challenges and joys. One of the major questions that they are required to take into consideration while raising such a child is the right path of special child education that they should follow.

Society harbors extremely polarized views on the needs of special education courses. This is without doubt a deeply personal decision that parents have every right to make following careful consideration of what is best for the unique situations and needs of their child. Certain things need to be taken into consideration to help ensure that the best possible decision is made for the benefit of the child.

Probably the biggest question that parents are faced with is this – Would the child learn better from a person who has done SEN teachers training or should he be kept integrated with other students in an environment that also includes others with special requirements?

Why favor special education courses?

A strong argument as to why you should place your child under those with SEN Teachers training is that these individuals have a strong professional background in working with special children. This makes them better equipped when it comes to better identifying their disabilities and in designing custom learning curriculum that aids the needs of the children. A classroom designed for this purpose also features safe spaces that are specifically created for the purpose of helping the children calm down in moments that need them to burn a great deal of energy.

However, some parents are of the opinion that such a setup is detrimental to the special needschildren with them having to stay in a separate learning environment. Many consider this to be segregation in the name of special learning rather than a tilt at equal education.

Inclusive classrooms – The alternate choice

Inclusive classrooms provide an alternate environment for special education courses and are increasing in popularity. An inclusive learning environment is one where the child is placed in a classroom containing a variety of students who may or may not be special children. Depending on the needs of your child, an inclusive environment may be the perfect place for them to excel. Inclusive environments too have trained special child education teachers in addition to those who handle the regular curriculum.

Sadly, the concept of an inclusive classroom is still alien to many cities. As a growing idea, inclusive classrooms tend to vary a great deal from one locality to another in terms of experiences, approaches, and methods adopted for teaching the children. Some institutes educate only certain types of special needs children. A child with severe disabilities could yet be placed in a separate classroom having such special children even in an inclusive school.


Taking the first steps towards providing special child educationfor your little one can prove overwhelming. You can ask for help in handling the situation better with support groups for those families who require special education courses for their special children. Several helpful resources can be found on the internet. Some amount of dedication, research, and soul-searching is all that is needed for finding the best possible solution demanded in your child’s unique situation.