Why QR Codes are popular: Reasons why millennials are infatuated with QR Codes

QR Codes are two-dimensional barcodes which when scanned, directs the users to specific information or a course of action. QR codes are most commonly used for payments, sharing files, redirecting to a website, revealing a discount offer, and so on. Although QR codes have been used for a whole array of applications and use-cases by users from various categories, geographical locations and age groups, one group of users that is noticeably most prominent is that of the millennials. The millennial segment, also known as Gen-Y segment seems to be the most fascinated and infatuated with the utilities one can derive from a QR code. A significant reason for this could be that this set of the population has grown up using or at least seeing QR codes for the most part of their lives. Here in this article, we try to identify some of the practical reasons which could be causing the millennial fascination with QR codes:

1. Cool way of sharing social media profiles

With QR code variants like Facebook QR codes, you can drive users to your social media profile and gain more followers. Social media QR codes are really convenient to share besides being cool and personalized. 

Some QR Code generators online even let you create personalized QR codes by adding Facebook or Instagram logos or even your own display picture from the social media platform.

2. Hassle-free payment medium

QR Codes also serve as one of the most hassle-free ways of making transactions such as paying at a store with a scan, sending or receiving money with a scan, etc.

3. Easy sharing of documents & images

QR Codes variants like text QR codes, PDF QR codes & Image gallery QR codes help you share your documents and images among friends, family or professional groups within no time. You can also use QR codes for Google services to share images & documents through Google docs or Google photos or even share your Google drive with others.

4. Personalized QR code designs

As mentioned earlier, free QR code generators online allow you to create personalized QR codes for both your business as well as personal purposes. You can design a customized business card with a QR code embedded with your picture or you can create a marketing campaign by embedding your business logo on the QR code and customizing the color to go with your campaign theme.

5. QR codes are fun and engaging

Given all the above utilities that QR codes deliver, they are bound to be a hit among the millennials with so many variants and personalization options available. But more than anything, QR codes add a fun element to an otherwise boring piece of material or even make the mundane day to day tasks like sharing information and documents more interesting.


A Juniper Research report states that 1 billion smartphones are expected to access QR codes by the year 2022. Numbers like these are assurance enough for the fact that QR codes are becoming increasingly popular by the day and more specifically so among the millennials for all the right reasons. Considering the kind of response received by QR codes & also their potential of delivering numerous applications in any given company or industry, marketers can be assured that QR codes are the right inclusion to make in their ad-campaigns and promotional strategies.