Why Indian Students are Going to China for Study MBBS

MBBS candidate from India choose China as one of the destinations to study medicine. In fact, China has become one of the most popular abroad destinations to study MBBS, especially for Indian students. There are many reasons to prefer study in China for Indian students. Let us see in brief, why Indian students prefer to go China for MBBS.

Medical candidate in India are rising every year. However, due to new entrance education and compulsory NEET examination qualification, many Indian students are unable to meet their dreams in India.

Study MBBS in India has become difficult to grab a seat in Government Colleges. Even though of high scores, even if a student scores more than 90% marks, it is difficult to get admission in MBBS. Cost of MBBS study in India is expensive when compared with study MBBS in China.

  1. High competition, increasing every year
  2. The high cost of education

These are 2 major aspects that influence Indian students to choose China as their preferred destination to meet with their dream. Of course, there are many other destinations like Philippines, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, to study MBBS Abroad. However, when compared with safety concerns, economic growth, and language, China becomes the most preferred destination in world.

Students who feel it is difficult to clear the entrance exam or did not qualify in the entrance examination or did not get admission due to high competition, set their mind to study MBBS in other countries. In addition, the high cost of MBBS study in India is another reason Indian students prefer to study in China.

Government of China enrolls international students in 49 universities. In 150 Universities in China, MCI has recognized and approved a study of MBBS in 45 universities. So, study medicine in China is approved by the MCI. However, students should remember China not only enroll students from India to study MBBS. Medical institutes in China enroll international students to study MBBS, from world.

Since MBBS in China is regarded as a globally reputed medical program, the quality of education offered by top universities. This is also a major reason to choose China for study MBBS by Indian students.

Language is not a major issue in China for the international students since English is mostly spoken. It makes a comfortable destination for study than Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. All medical universities in China tied to the well-equipped hospitals for practical training and exposure. This practical approach to teach in the hospital is implemented from the starting. China provides better safety to female students when compared with other countries.

Enrollment to MBBS is a simple procedure followed by entrance examination. Once a student clears in the entrance examination, they attend direct interviews taken by CMEI Management team. Scores on the entrance examination, followed by an interview, the admission will be confirmed.

MBBS program in China is a great chance for the aspiring candidates; the fee is affordable, amicable environment, comfortable climate, high quality education, no food problems, no language problems, and all amenities with security.

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