Why Food Packaging is Getting Importance in Marketing Strategies?

The fundamental purpose of food packaging is to protect inside items, keep their freshness and stay away them from leakage and spoiling. Food items can be spoil easily by contacting with germs and bacteria’s that are widely spread in the atmosphere and environment. They can be deshape physically, chemically, and get contaminate through their reactions. That’s why consumers always focus on tight and seal packaging for the food products. So, it is essential to have proper packaging for fresh food items, in addition to this, packaging is always help in marketing as well. In marketing mix packaging is the fifth P, no marketing mix could be form by neglecting the packaging and boxes. Yes, for this great care in designing and printing required. There are few governmental laws for eatable items packaging here in the USA. Only automated machines, customized, personalized, and seal packed packaging reduce the contamination possibilities and help in branding as well.

Relation of food packaging and marketing:

Marketing and packaging work side by side, they have a direct relation. A branded packaging leads to branding. Here a question arises that is the biggest challenge faced by the marketers. How to design a branded box, the few basic factors that help in branding are supposed to be the following;

  • Place logo of the company, if your brand symbol is logo
  • Properly mention the company name on the food products
  • Try to make the items sealed pack, no internal and external contact
  • Place the price tag
  • Use special, thematic font styles pertaining to the logo
  • Bar code is essential just for tracking the sales order
  • Unique style packaging style attracts more customers
  • Add special effects that make you different
  • Secure your color patents
  • Represent your parent company name


Such factors help in marketing strategies, the clear price tag directly communicate with the customers and reduce the hikes in pricing. Coca-Cola is an example, they place their price on the bottle and keep their price same around the world. That’s why each and every person in the world know its price and this help them on marketing globally. In addition to this, KitKat chocolate and Nestle products always place their logo and follow the theme, this help marketers to gain the trust in the market and their multiple sub brands are appearing in the market. Actually their packaging strategy always follow the parent product, that’s why consumer always provide them a first priority.

How to create a marketing mix for food items with packaging?

Product, price, place, promotion are the four P’s of the marketing and always be the part of every marketing strategy. With the increasing importance of custom food packaging in 2000, the scientist add the fifth “P” that is packaging. So, packaging can’t be overlooked and have immense importance especially food items. Here are the few factors that marketers focus in marketing strategies.

The color of the box – yes, this play a role in marketing:

The color, its combination, contrast and other printing inks have impact on the food items. Sometimes such pigments, chemicals react with food items and make them contaminated. So, while printing them, the ink pressing, spreading and spoiling could be manage with great accuracy. No doubt, the color has some psychological effects on human mind but ink can be react with food items. So, it is advised by the packaging engineers to use quality printing inks and methods to deploy them on the box.

The protective packaging is another marketing strategy:

People are health conscious, they care for health when purchasing the food items. one of the basic need of packaging is their transportation. Just get an example of nestle milk, it could last fresh for more than a year in aluminum packaging. They have coated the box with UV sheets. They protect them from sunlight and other environmental factors and retain the taste and fresh for the long time, that’s why people like their products. A large number of bakeries export biscuits, cakes and other food items to Africa, Asia and UK, such products are exported in cardboard material made food boxes. So, boxes should be designed in a way to protect them during transportation, it should be able to bear several jerks in his journey. Moreover, cushion material and packaging inside packaging is recommended for transportation.

Renovation of packaging is another marketing strategy:

Do you think that your current packaging is not up to mark, renovate it. Yes, by renovation and switching to some modern techniques like customization of food packaging can help you in obtaining better quality and low cost boxes for items. Acquiring boxes that are rich in features and proved to be a guard for products can only be yield by the process of customization.

Self-heating and cooling packaging trend:
Now, in 2019 the trend of boxes for eatable items are moving towards self-heating and self-cooling. Such designed boxes make inside products at the required temperature, few products require cooling so they are made up of a material that keep inside temperature blow and the life of the product increases. Similarly, there are materials available that make inside products hot and keep freshness, pizza boxes are the best example, the corrugation make pizza hot for the long time and help pizza boys to deliver the fresh food to the direct consumers.

Place an indicator to show the freshness – a color change theory:

For food products, the scientist have designed few materials that change their colors on spoilage and contamination. The marketers have now focus on them, this material tells you about the freshness of the inside product. The color of material tells the consumer about the freshness, usually red color shows the spoilage and green shows the freshness. Such indicators are set in packaging and they tell this automatically. In next few years the marketing strategies are shifting to the use of such materials.

Keep value your customers – provide the culture base packaging solutions:

In some countries of Africa the corrugation is out of culture, they love to pack things in cardboard only. That is their culture, so marketers should try culture base packaging on events, and refer to gender. The things for male liked energy drinks packaging is always kept different as compared to female items. So, culture base packaging always help in marketing strategies.
The marketers continue to see the modern and cost efficient solutions and add them in their daily strategies. This also contains the competitors packaging analysis, trends, color and theme for the branding of the company. So, by following the above mentioned strategies the marketers can boost the sales upto 400%. A large number of USA food industry invest in packaging more than the product. This is just to export them and packaging here is the key of success. In addition to this, tin, wooden and plastic made boxes trends are also up to the mark. By strong market research and analysis this hard nut could be crack.

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