Why Alexa Rank of Your Website Matters?



Not to be confused with Alexa, the name of Amazon’s virtual assistant, a website’s Alexa ranking could be a metric that shows however popular a specific web site is with web users. It had been designed by a subsidiary of an organization that was nonheritable by Amazon and uses internet traffic information to observe the net activities of the lots.


Alexa Rank of Your Website Matters

Each rank is really the results of a calculation. It includes data just like the range of page views a web site has over the previous 3 months, together with what percentage area unit unique. The info is collected through browser extensions on Chrome, Firefox, and net explorer.

The rule compares information from your web site to each different web site out there, specializing in the foremost recent three-month amount and creating a relative comparison to work out your level of authority. The bottom ranking web site usually comes in around the thirty million marks, whereas the best hierarchic web site sits as number one.

However, sites with no visitors don’t seem on the Alexa rankings in the least. Similarly, the latest sites may not show up until Alexa has information on their pages. So Need to improve Alexa ranking with Alexa ranking services.


Viewing your Alexa rank is unbelievably straightforward. The official web site has an Alexa rank checker. All you’ve got to try and do is sort in your name and submit it.

Along with your rank, you’ll see a superfluity of valuable data. As an example, you’ll have access to metrics covering bounce rate, daily page views, length of your time on web site, the proportion of visits from search, and a spread of demographics regarding your readers. You’ll be able to conjointly see listing web sites that have backlinks to your site and even details regarding load times.


Your Alexa ranking is a sign of however your web site compares to others out there. It permits you to envision however you’re fairing against the competition that is unbelievably valuable.

Plus, it allows you to grasp if there’s area for improvement on your web site. If you aren’t obtaining a high rank or your competitors are outdoing you, then you would like to develop a method to boost.

A lower alexa ranking means that you may be missing out on revenue opportunities. Most potential advertisers, investors, and partners wish to attach with sites with heaps of traffic. That way, they’re creating the foremost out of their cash as they’re reaching a bigger audience.

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