Who is Osho? Read The 10 Commandments of OSHO

Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain was a professor of philosophy, He was known as Acharya Rajneesh. He was known as Osho from 1989 till his death. He claimed that he is a Guru of the modern India and a proficient teacher. Rajneesh speaks against socialism, Mahatma Gandhi and organized religions. Rajneesh wanted to create a new man with the combination of Buddha’s spirituality and the joy of the life of the Greeks – the perfect combination of materialism and bitterness. They focus on meditation, awareness, love, creative and humorous.

         Osho’s 10 commandments 

  1. There is no god other than life
  2. Truth is within you, do not find it any more.
  3. Do not obey anyone’s orders against your wishes
  4. Love is prayer
  5. Live awake
  6. The emptiness is the gate of truth, the emptiness itself is the instrument, the achievement and the realization
  7. Stay unflattering without effort.
  8. Die every moment so that you can be new to each moment.
  9. Life is right now and here.
  10. Do not find that – wait and watch.

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They were called sex gurus in India and the Rolls-Royce master in America. As a thinker, writer, and speaker he got wide recognition.

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