Whats Does Perception Mean? Read Some Example of a perception?

 Definition of perception – –

Perception is an intellectual process where an individual organizes and interprets his sensory to give meaning to the environment. A perception  is in formed , appraised ,aware , sharp and observant. Perception works in different ways for different people , for example , a common man’s perception  of robbers on a lonely road may be to surrender but a Bruce lee  and jackie chan will have a totally different perception . perception  uses all the five senses of sight , sound , touch,taste and smell to create images and produce a behavior. While perception  is an intellectual process or mind game , the results produced are very real and not imaginary. for example , a positive perception  of doing well in an exam will move a student to study whereas a negative perception  may cause avoidance behavior and failure.

Everyone is Different –

perception differs from person to person and time to time, A person with a negative perception  about an event may suddenly develop a positive perception  once perception  and awareness enter into his conditioning. For Example , the fear of water lasts only until one learns to swim.