What to Look for in New Kicker Car Speakers

Buying new car speakers can be an exciting upgrade for your vehicle. We all have put the windows down and cranked up the volume on our favorite songs while driving, but for some people, there are ways to enhance the audio and make it even more exciting.

If you are considering buying car speakers to upgrade your sound system, there are a few things you should know before you make your purchase so you can be sure you are getting the best.

Kicker is one of the leading brands of speakers and audio equipment for your vehicle, making your goal of having crystal clear sound quality a reality.

Matching your new Kicker car speakers to your system is important, and there are certain aspects and specifications of your new speakers that you need to know.

The sensitivity of the speakers measures the sound a speaker produces when power is applied. If you have a low-powered system, usually on the same level as factory-installed systems, a speaker system with high sensitivity is recommended. A higher-powered system, like one using an external amplifier, will work better with lower sensitivity speakers. It’s important to match the sensitivity with the power because it will produce an overall better sound quality.

The power-handling of the speakers is what determines how much power the speaker can handle. A low-powered system can use speakers that don’t require a lot of power, but a high-powered system that uses an external amplifier requires speakers with power-handling that is close to the output of the amps. This is determined by the maximum RMS power-handling, which measures the amount of power speakers can handle over long periods of time, continuously.

There are typically two types of speakers you can choose from for your vehicle. Full-range speakers bring all of the elements together. They consist of all of the major parts of a speaker from woofers to tweeters. Some models of free-range speakers also contain a midrange option. Full-range speakers are a great choice if you are looking for an upgrade from factory speakers that don’t require a lot of work and can generally fit and mount easily where your factory speakers previously were located.

Component speakers separate the woofer, tweeter and external crossovers, creating more of a concert-like experience that surrounds you. The tweeter being separate from the woofer also allows you to mount it in a location that looks the best and presents it well. This setup gives your music more of a live feel with a greater depth.

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