What Natural Ingredients are Good For Your Skin?

What natural ingredients are good for your skin?

What natural ingredients are good for your skin?

Nature has always shown it’s magic with different kinds of floral and fauna. These living plants of different species are very rich in vitamins and minerals needed for our body and skin.

Every part of the plant is beneficial for us from roots to flowers and fruits. We get essential oils from plants which are very useful for maintaining flawless skin and hair. Plants were majorly used in ancient times for medicinal purposes. The chemicals found in different skincare products are nothing but a little moderation of plants which are highly processed and mixed with. Due to the high-density process and added preservatives, these plant minerals and vitamins lose its effects and turn into serious chemicals which can harm your skin to an extent. So everyone should know such chemicals to avoid in a skincare routine.  People these days are turning towards organic and natural skincare products and abandoning their chemical counterparts. 

Vegetables, fruits, dry fruits can also be included in day to day eating habits to get flawless skin. But there are also some home remedies for smooth skin which you have to keep in mind for taking proper care of the skin. Leave those long and hot showers and hours in the bathroom and instead opt for short and cold showers which will probably help in reducing the dryness in the skin and open pores which will make the removal of blackheads and whiteheads very easy.

  • Moisturising your skin is very important. When you feel your skin is dry apply aloe vera and moisturize it well.
  • Always treat your neck and chest the way you treat your face. People usually forget to take proper care of the neck and chest which will result in tanned skin on that area of the body.
  • During winter, skin tends to become very dry. To keep your skin well-moisturised use a humidifier during night time in your room. It will make your skin less itchy, avoid redness and dry skin. Allow your skin to breathe with a humidifier at night during winters.
  • Using soy milk with cereal or any other kind of soy form in your daily food intake is very necessary as it gives proper protein and vitamins to body to repair the skin overnight.
  • Stop using fragrant soaps and switch to soaps with added fat. Fats act as a great source of moisturising and plumping up the skin.
  • Maintain your beauty products well. Keep them clean and hygienic. If they are not maintained properly, it can give you some major problems like allergies on skin etc
  • Use oils like olive oil daily for your elbows knees etc or the areas which tend to get darker very easily. Olive oil is very rich in fats, and said above this makes the skin very moisturising.
  • While sleeping use olive oil or aloe vera gel as a moisturiser for your feet and slide in socks, you get absolutely amazing and moisturised feet in the morning.
  • Using toner for skin is very important, and natural toners like rose water, rice water acts as gold for skin. Highly beneficial in maintaining the skin hydration levels and tone.
  • Use loofah daily to remove all the dead skin on your face and body. But be cautious and do not overdo it. Over exfoliation can become really dangerous for skin types especially the combination skin type.
  • Rosehip oil is very useful for hair and skin. Try including it daily in your routine to give a proper glow
  • Eating multivitamin tablets are also very beneficial as they can regrow your hair and make your skin more glowing. It has the formula of every vitamin such as vitamin A, vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin D plus some other beneficial minerals.
  • When skin to skin contacts happen, like thighs or underarms there come more chances of getting rashes and irritation. It’s always best to use non-scented baby powders for this purpose.
  • When you are too much into sun exposure make sure not to carry along any scented or fragrance based products serums or lotions, as it can damage the skin to a major extent.
  • Use bath salts or essential oils in your bathing routine to get smooth and moisturised skin all over your body. This will also help you to treat itchy, rough and dry skin.
  • Application of ice wrapped in a towel can be very beneficial for open pores as well as dry skin. Retaining proper hydration level in skin is a very important part in skincare or self-care routine.
  • Have proper sleep and stress-free day once or twice a week to be healthy and keep your skin healthy. Every day a person requires at least 8 – 9 hours at night to allow the skin to repair itself properly.
  • Workout at a place where you feel calm and try going for new exercises which will make you sweat more and open pores. When these pores open and hot shower is taken, then it becomes very easy to remove blackheads and whiteheads from the skin.
  • Change your moisturiser with changing seasons. Different seasons require different kinds of moisturiser to keep your skin well hydrated and maintained.
  • Avoid sunbathing, tanning and smoking your skin at any point. These three are considered to destroy skin and damage it to the next level.

These are some of the points to keep in mind while taking care of skin and body before applying any natural organic home remedy on your skin. Always do a patch test of natural remedies as well so as to check what suits your skin type the best and what increases it’s hydration.