What is Tinnitus? Awareness, Causes and Solutions


Tinnitus is nothing but a perception of sound, even when no other sound is present. Sounds are perceived in many forms inside the ear like ringing, buzzing etc. Most of the people once in while feeling tinnitus in their life. It is not a serious medical problem. But can be the symptom of related problems like – the hearing loss in one ear or both, or other infections and injuries inside the ear.

However, you do not need to panic much about tinnitus (click here to know more). Because it can be treated easily with medical help. So you should understand the symptoms, causes, and ways to lessen the effect of tinnitus.

Indications about tinnitus

When you find some occasional sounds inside your, and losing focus on other sounds. It is the tinnitus you are experiencing at the moment. People often feel tinnitus in either one or both ears. These sounds can be loud, moderate, or sometimes less noticeable, Including:


Although you may feel tinnitus more inside a quiet room or when you are in bed. Sometimes tinnitus affects for a temporary basis or may last a longer period of time.

Types of Tinnitus

There are two common types of tinnitus Subjective and Objective.

Subjective Tinnitus: It is experienced by the person only who is suffering from it. No other person near-by you can hear it. Sometimes, the reason behind this most frequent type of tinnitus is ear blockage. Other reasons may different like – affected brain interpretation of sound, a problem in the cochlea or auditory nerve, and ear infections too.

Objective Tinnitus: It is a less common type and can only be heard by the person who examines people. Reasons behind this affected blood vessel or increased blood circulation in the ear, also, a problem in the middle ear or a vascular condition.

Causes of Tinnitus

There are various causes of tinnitus. But more effectively it occurs when the inner ear affected by injury, infections or tiny hair cell damage. Therefore it changes the in the transmission of sound to the brain by the auditory nerve and produces some random sounds is cause the tinnitus.

These are the common health-related factors which cause tinnitus in people.

Earwax blockage: This is the most general form of tinnitus, a firm blocking in the outer ear canal due to wax build up. Earwax buildup is a normal process to keep ear safe from dust, water, insects and moisturize the ear canal naturally. But the excess amount of earwax can clog the ear canal and cause tinnitus.

Noise: Continue Exposure to the noisy environment such as battlefield, music concert, and factory etc. Where loud noise of heavy machinery, firearms, bombs, and speakers affect the hearing abilities. Sound more than 80 dB can cause permanent hearing loss and short-term exposure result in tinnitus as well.

Ear infections: Infections in the middle ear due to cold, fluid buildup in the ear (ear discharge or puss) or sinus can commonly affect your hearing and lead to hearing disorder.

Head injuries: Sometimes the injuries in head or neck affect your inner ear and the auditory nerve. Which transmit the electrical impulses to the brain, and interprets sound.

Age factor: Working of human organs affected as the age passes. This the reason that people of 60 to 80 age group face many diseases. Tinnitus and is one of them due to hearing disorder.

Medications: Some of the medicines used to treat other health-related problems. Also, cause tinnitus as the side effect after taking those pills. There are many medicines which affect hearing after taking a higher dose.

Stress: The more stress you take, higher the chances of tinnitus and affected hearing.

Challenges faced by people

Although tinnitus is not a serious disorder. But it suffers you in a various way. And affect your normal life.

Trouble in sleeping: Tryin to sleep while suffering from tinnitus? Is always tough to do, because, tinnitus troubles more in a quiet room.
Communication problem: Tinnitus sounds continue in your ear prevent you to listen carefully while involving in conversation.
Concentration problem: It is difficult to focus while continuing sounds inside ear troubles you.

Memory complications: Tinnitus affect your memory power. And it is hard to recall things and memorize them.

Depression: People dealing with tinnitus feeling depressed because of annoying sounds.

Stress: Affected sleep, depression, and concentration problems arising by tinnitus give more stress to people.

Irritation: When the continue disturbing sound occur in the ear, people become irritated and annoyed.

Prevention of Tinnitus

Tinnitus can be cured if you take precautions and avoid those factors which cause tinnitus more. Because prevention is always better than treatment. Therefore keeping these aspects in mind will help you in avoid tinnitus and not to be a hearing impaired.

Say No, to loud Music: Avoid listening to loud music using your headphone, or personal home theater. Prevent yourself from going to a noisy area like music concerts, or loudspeaker equipped places.

Use over the ear protectors: If you are a person working in loud noisy areas like – battlefields, factory or perform stage shows (music concert). You should always use over the ear protectors.

Keep an eye on ear health: Do not avoid any symptoms which affect your hearing abilities. Because negligence of those symptoms may lead to tinnitus or in worsed case you become a hearing impaired.

Stay fit and healthy: Regular exercise and balanced diet always prevent many health-related problems and keep you active. Because it helps in better blood circulation in your inner ear. And intake of healthy foods supply the necessary vitamins.

Treatment of Tinnitus

Prevention is always helpful but, if you are already suffering from tinnitus. Or a degree of hearing loss, then treatment is the better step for you. There are a number of possible treatment available for tinnitus, including:

Vibration therapy: It is a device like a music player, an amplifier which has a small disk inside. It plays a high-frequency sound vibration which directly received by the inner ear.

Sound therapy: It is a collection of mild sounds which distract you from the sound of tinnitus inside the ear. These natural sounds are comfortable and ear-soothing.

TRT (Tinnitus retraining therapy): This therapy includes different sounds to divert your mind from the sound of tinnitus. High-frequency broad-band sound generated to make you calm and feel relaxed.

CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy): This therapy changes the behavior and mindset of a people about the tinnitus problem they are facing. It trains your brain to focus on thoughts and emotional aspects. It calms your mind and reduces the effect of tinnitus.

Medications used for Tinnitus: There are some useful medicines too, which helps in reducing the tinnitus effect like – Valium, Antidepressant, and Alprazolam are effective in curing tinnitus.

Hearing aids: Hearing Aid is a suitable option for treating tinnitus. They reduce the effect of tinnitus by clearing and amplifying the sounds that further transmitted to the brain.

Masking device: This device produces natural and artificial sounds to lessen the effect by hiding (or covering) the tinnitus sound. It does not cure tinnitus but reduces the effects of it.


Tinnitus is not a disease but can be painful if you ignore it. Because of the ignorance, it may become a serious hearing loss problem for you. Put an eye on your ear health is a better way to reduce the chances of being hearing impaired. If you feeling difficulties in either ear, rush to your nearest ear professional. And consult with them all the Do’s and Dont’s you need to follow.

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