Why does Charvaka Philosophy deny God’s Interpretation?

The philosophy of Charvaka was an effort to get rid of indecency in the name of the prevailing conservatism and renunciation in ancient times.

Charvaka Darshan believes in direct knowledge, Hence it prohibits any feudalism. Charvaka philosophy does not believe in God. All other sectarian religions of Indian philosophy and a way of life that accept life after death but Charvaka denies any such life and says that there is no life after death.

Charvaka only believes in sensory pleasures and prohibits high moral life. Charvak believes that humans believe in God weakly. In fact, heaven and hell are not the only worlds where we live.

Charvak’s philosophy is the first sect in Indian materialism philosophy. Charvaka does not consider God to be the creator of creation. If a God is omnipotent, omnipotent and compassionate, then why not remove the ignorance of creatures concerning his existence.

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