What is the eligibility for MA psychology From IGNOU ?

What are the requirements for a masters in psychology?
The MA psychology Degree Programme Is being Offered By the School Of Social Sciences Of IGNOU. In the Recent Past Psychology Degree has been in great demand with many schools,hostpitals organisations in service sector and industries both private and public.
The purpose is programme is to give the learners a sound base in psychology and human behavior through an indepth investigation into a broad range of psychology techniques and skills as applied to diverse setting .
The eligibility for MA psychology- Bachelors Degree in any subjects from a recognized universty.
Medium of Instructions- English
Durations- Minimum 2 Years and Maximum 5 years , you can take admisson januray and july cycle of admission.
Fees- Rs. 13,000 For Complete Programme. you can pay year wise Rs. 6,500 per year.