What is Rationality ? Its Benefits and Needs in Life

Definition–  a rational person is wise ,sound ,intelligent, judicious and reasonable  , using brain over heart and choosing  the good above the pleasure . Rationality can ,therefore , be called.
The Capacity for objective and intelligent action, Rationality calls for a regular “objective” Focus or the setting of goals, targets aims and a listing of what a person wishes to accomplish because by setting objective ,the actions automatically start becoming intelligent.
Needs:-  Most conditioning takes places on an emotional level and therefore ,more often than not personalities are driven by sentiments and beliefs rather than logic.  This could ,in overdose , be dangerous causing negative perceptions and shift focus from achieving objectives to feeling good and looking to others.  Once a human being has grown to the age of responsibility , its is a duty to set and achieve objective that contribute to well being and success. Rationality is   a sure sign of maturity making a person rise in self esteem and gain recognition from the world.
Benefits –  Rationality  creates the capacity for objective intelligent action and an awareness which helps in maximizing the value of situations.

  • A rational person will convert weakness into strengthens
  • A rational person will convert defeat into victory.
  • A  rational person will build relationships which are strong and long lasting contributing to growth and development.

How to Applied Rationality in Life? –  To apply Rationality  in our daily lives is to simple but not easy because of our old feeling ,beliefs and contributing. Therefore , initially one has to consciously apply Rationality  until it becomes a sub -conscious habit. Some tips are here….
Ask Yourself questions like:

  • DO I really need to buy another dress ,shoes??
  • Do I really need a coke or would milk be better>
  • Is Lazing around in bed in the morning good for me or do I need to exercise instead?
  • should I having around with my friends or study for tomorrow class?