How can I increase my persistence?

Definition- The word persistence is derived from the word ‘ per’  ‘ sist’ , which means to endure : to remain , to continue, to last.

persistence is ” consistency, steadiness, determination” , persistence  is continuing .. even in adverse circumstances.  Failing ,Learning   and doing it again and again until one succeeds in the endeavor.

Understanding Persistence – 

Most people are persistence  in certain areas of their personalty. there are the areas they like the most and therefore Tun ‘ to do but persistence  is not about our likes and dislikes it is about objective accomplishment or goal achievement.

persistence  is not only thought pattern it is the habit of taking action. Through persistence  you get  success and with success you may even start to like your present dislikes.

Becoming Persistence  – 

Become constant or consistent –   start now to exercise the discipline of consistency. Schedules your day into your list of  ‘thing to do ‘ and then do them. In the beginning you may makes an easy list and then increase the degree of difficulty. your own discipline will give you more self-esteem and win over the respect of all those around you.

 Use Tenacity   –  when you fail go for it again , you may fail again . check the mistakes you made and go for it again. As you keep doing this you will observe less failure and greater success and soon Success and more success.

Endurance-  Treat your defeats as lessons for victory . Makes yourself stronger with each defeat – endure. Endurance is tolerance ,strengths, patience for your next attempt.


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