What Types of Insurance Policy Available In India |Read Now

In this article we will learn how many types of insurance are – the advantages and disadvantages of insurance.
What is definition of insurance ?
Guaranteed to help you or your family over losses, accidents or death caused by a company. That is, insurance means direct compensation to any of your losses.  As if you have got your life insured and have an accident with you, then the life insurance company compensates you for your loss, in case of disabling or death or if you become a simple accident, Which is dependent on your insurance policy, the higher the amount of your insurance policy, the more you get the cover.
Today, almost every thing has begun to be insured, every item has a different policy, in which it is said that how much damage will be compensated if you suffer. All this is stated in accordance with the policy.

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How many types of insurance are available in india :- There are many types of insurance and all plans and policies are also different.

#1 Life Insurance

Any person who takes this policy, after the death of his family or any nominee he has chosen, is given according to his policy according to the payment rule of his claim, such people are given their policies. For family members, so that if something happens to them then their family can get some payment so that they can spend their lives comfortably.

#2 Medical or health insurance – 

In this kind of insurance, a limited payment is made, and if the person (who has taken this policy) has a disease, then all the insurance company raises the cost, the policy would be very important. This is because the health of any human being gets spoiled every year, and in such a policy, the company also provides regular checkups every year.

#3 Auto Insurance

Nowadays, almost everyone will have a motorcycle or some other vehicle whose policy is very important. If your vehicle gets accident or your vehicle gets stolen then at that time the insurance company gives you compensation to recover your car or to meet the cost of the accident. Third party insurance is also done for some trains, in which drivers driving or pedestrians can claim insurance, These insurance are very important. Because we make a hard work by buying a car by collecting money and if there is an accident, then we need money separately to fix it, in such case if you have insured your vehicle then the entire cover will be given by the insurer. is.

#4 Home insurance

Home insurance policies are made according to your house building and your luggage, in which the insurance company gives you a claim against a bad or any kind of Accident of both the house and the goods. If the house gets a fire or another accident or your luggage is stolen or any other kind of accident occurs, the company gives you a claim.

#5 Traveling Insurance – 

If you keep traveling much, or you go somewhere with family, it is very important for you to make travel insurance. If you travel somewhere and an accident decreases with you, then the insurance company is compensated for it.

#6 Crop insurance – 

This insurance has been made for special farmers, and it must be done by farmers on every crop as there is no confidence in the weather as to when there is any objection to your crops, if you insure your crop So you can cultivate without worry, if your crop gets spoiled due to rain or other reason then the insurance company will compensate you.

#7 Pets Insurance – 

These insurance can be made to any pet of your home. If you keep a cow or a buffalo in your house then you can also insure them and if you keep a dog then you can also insure it.