What is good downloading a song or playing it online.

The way we listen music has changed subsequently. The traditional CD and DVD player are replaced by portable mobile devices. From some past years after the introduction of high speed internet connection the trend of storing songs on mobile devices has also changed but still storing song offline on your device has its own advantage, below we will discuss the same.

good downloading a song

Difference between offline and online Songs.

Most of the online music streaming apps like Spotify, Amazon and Shazam offers a free subscription for listing online songs with some ads stuffed in between the content. As well as listening to the songs online over these platforms they also gives you option to store the songs locally on your devices like mobile tablet or laptop.

Online songs means that the listener is listening the songs directly on the internet without storing them on his device’s storage similar like a radio station on the AIR. Whereas listening music offline doesn’t needs an active internet connection, you only have to download and store the song in your storage and later you can listen to the stored songs anytime without an internet connection.

We will discuss below the factors which one needs to consider before deciding the best between online and offline songs for him.

At what places you listen the music.

The places where you listen the music is a prime factor to consider. At some places like home and office where internet connection is good and you can hear the songs without any interruption.

But if you are a kind of person who travels a lot and not sure about the availability of internet connection or your internet connection is not fast enough to stream music online then you should go for the offline stored music.

Storage space available.

This is the another reason which needs to be considered in this comparison. Everyone have a limited storage space in her devices and they want it to be reserved for other important stuff. Storing music offline takes a considerable part of your storage capacity.

Whereas listening music online via music streaming apps doesn’t eats the storage capacity of your device. So if you have a limited storage space in your device I advise you to listen music online.

Which Costs more.

This is important to consider the cost of music. Normally on most of music streaming apps available in the market pays direct royalty to the artist for every music stream and for every download. The cost of music streaming is less than the cost of downloading a song offline.

Variety of songs and availability of new songs.

When listening music online, new songs automatically gets updated and you can listen to them on the go. Whereas in case of offline songs you need to go online to download latest songs.

Whose sound quality is better.

Sound quality doesn’t changes that much between online and offline songs. The song you download to your device is of high quality(some music streaming apps offer different sound qualities for the song) whereas the quality of music streamed online gets automatically adjusted depending upon the speed of your internet connection.


You can choose the best music type for you depending upon above factors it is often becomes difficult to rely on online music streaming services because of varying network speeds. However online music streaming apps have its own advantages as above discussed.

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