What is Empathy and Why is it Important in Your Life ?

Definition of Empathy and how does it help  :- 
Empathy is the ability to put oneself into another person’s shoes and treat people the way you would like to be treated if you were them. Empathy is the ability to look at oneself with another person’s eyes. Empathy is to hear our own words from another person’s point to view or listening skills.
Empathy is not a skill to be used once in a while , on the contrary it must be an everyday habit helping one to understand others and be understood by them.
Empathy creates win win relationships. with some practices in empathy , your understanding of others becomes focused on what ‘ they want to hear ‘, your speech changes , people feel understood and are more willing to help you succeed.
One people feel you totally understand their feelings, attitudes, beliefs and needs they are more willing to understand you.
Empathy creates Understanding- 
while it is that your have you own objectives to achieve in human relationships , empathy will make you understand others  and thereby it will become easier to communicate with , win friends and build a better future.
Once you use empathy in all your relationships and can honesty say to yourself that you make the necessary efforts to build relationships, you can on several goals everyday with positive feeling that you have done your best and results will follow. Empathy makes others feel good about yourself breeds more expectation of positive results giving you a boost towards success.
Results of Empathy –
Constant popularity, yes , you become more popular . people like being understand and start liking you . Success people want you to succeed because  you care about them. They don’t want to loose you.
Long Term Relationship- No one would like to lose an empathizing friend. Build relationships that last and cause your own growth in life.