What is Best & Safest Treatment for Osteoporosis?


Health is one thing that nobody can compromise, at any cost. It’s a very serious issue despite the fact that we all have to die one day, we still take absolute care of our health and want to stay fit and healthy till our last breath. People deal with a lot of diseases even if they take the best care and caution. Plus, diseases are spreading in this era like anything. So, we have to be careful about our physical well-being. In this article, we will discuss the best treatment for Osteoporosis. For that, we need to know what this particular disease is.


The literal meaning of Osteoporosis is porous bones. While Osteoporosis, the quality, and density of the bone are decreased and slowly and steadily it becomes so weak that it starts breaking on its own. The most dangerous part is, there are no symptoms of this sickness. When the first fracture occurs only when the patient gets to know the fact that he/she is going through Osteoporosis. The ratio of this illness is more in women than in men.

The bones in the human body are in a continuous course of transformation in terms of strengthening, changing and developing from childhood to adulthood. The peak time period in bones is in the age of early 20s. With the passage of time, bones cells keep growing and then get diffused and at the same time, new bone cells are formulated. This process is known as remodeling. If the remodeling is failed and after the diffusion of bone cells, new cells do not generate then gradually the bone becomes fragile and eventually breaks. This is when a visit to an orthopedic surgeon becomes necessary.

We know that these fractures are more common in women than men but, after a certain age number; the ratio becomes the same in both the genders. According to a general observation; 1 in 3 women faces this disease and in men, the ratio is 1 in 5. Around the world, this fracture occurs every 3 seconds. Most commonly, the break occurs in the hip, spine, and wrist. Out of the three, the hip and spine fracture has been observed more both in the men and women. The wrist fracture is not that common. The spinal fracture brings swear back pains, deformity, and loss of height whereas, the hip fracture often leads to death or you become completely dependent on someone’s support.

We know this disease is dangerous and scary also. On the positive side, there are several options to overcome this disease on a large scale with effective treatments and therapies, which can help you avoid a procedure by the orthopedic surgeon. Still, there are some side effects to deal with during the treatment. One needs to consult the doctor/physician taking care of the medical prescription. Let us go through the safest and best possible treatments in use these days.




Best & Safest Treatments for Osteoporosis


This medicine turns off the cells that deform or play an active role in breaking down a bone and keep active those cells that help in maintaining the mass structure of bone in its healthy form. More in use bisphosphonates are Fosamax, Actonel, Boniva, and Reclast. The first two can be consumed on a daily or weekly basis; Boniva on monthly and the last one is injected once a year into the patient. The Reclast course is done once in two years if you are recovered from the disease or if you need prevention from it. This drug is not advised to those who have serious issues of upper gastrointestinal.


This is a monoclonal antibody known as Denosumab. This also goes like an injection once in two years and works the same way i.e. slows down the process by deactivating those cells that play their role in the process of deforming the bones. This drug is highly effective, especially in spine and hip fracture situations. Also, there is one drawback with this particular option; it lowers down the level of calcium in your body so you have to be careful about that. If you have low levels naturally then you are not advised to take Denosumab for good.


This type comes in a form of the parathyroid. It is an injection used on daily basis and is highly effective to enhance the performance of those cells that help in making bones stronger. Highly recommended for spine related cases; also this is more effective than the first option i.e. Biphosphonates. This particular drug cannot be used for more than two years. Plus, there is a minimum chance of causing some certain type of cancer while using a high dose of this kind.


In this type, comes the Evista; as a daily oral drug. It protects the spinal bones the same way by reducing the bone loss process. Especially very suitable for spinal fractures. It has also a plus side, that is; it helps in curing the breast cancer in women along with the prevention. Also, this medicine is not recommended for hip or wrist or other body bones going through Osteoporosis.


This special option regulates calcium and bone metabolism in the body. It is usually for women who are in past menopause for more than 5 years. Like Estrogen, this drug is also specifically for spinal fractures and does not work for hip and wrist bones cases. It has some side effects one should know. Medicine increases the risk of cancer. Also, it causes sinus along with nosebleeds, flu, and several other nasal irritations.


Up till now, these 5 remedies are considered the best and safest according to orthopedic surgeons all over the world. But they don’t come easy and bring a list of cons that should be catered very carefully and seriously. Regular checkups with doctors and routine medication should be taken as advised. We all know prevention is better than cure. For that, keep yourself updated through monthly tests whether you have the symptoms of this disease or not. Moreover, there is a list of diseases like Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Depression, Eating Disorders, Weight Loss, Lack of Starvation and many others that you should know by your Orthopedic Surgeon. Even if one of these exists in you then you should not take the matter lightly and go for a proper checkup. Life will always be precious so never take the risk and be active about your health now and always.

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