What are the most important topics to learn in Python?

In this topic, I will tell you about the most important things to learn in Python. There is also mentioned the amazing topic of Python, which has a need to know.
Computer languages are utility and open doors to many extraordinary opportunities. There are many popular languages like Java, C, C++, Python, Ruby, swift. Python is high-level general purpose programming computer language for programming to develop websites, desktop GUI applications, and websites. This language is written in the dynamic form and it is object-oriented. The creator of this language is Guido Van Rossum he created the language in the year 1991. It allows users to run the code on different operating systems. This language is supported
by a large library and major advantage is that it is open source. With python language, users can go for test driven development and write tests before writing codes to test them beforehand.
There are some important things you want to learn about this language.
• Python versions: Python language is evolving and its developers are enhancing it for best user experience. The latest release was 3.7.2. It is very important to know on which version you are working. If an individual wants to know the current version he is working he can know by typing print “My version Number”.format(sys.version)
• Python strings: They are a sequence of characters in the Python programming. They are immutable and the programmer is unable to change once defined.
• Python generators: It is a method of creating iterators. It is done by creating iterating over a function that yields value.
• Comprehension list: it is a short method of creating lists with this programming language. It is done by typing bracket that contains expressions. After writing this code, it will result in the form of a list.
• Python dictionaries: They are used to map special keys to the values. In python dictionaries are mutable; they can be changed after saving once.
• HTTP server in python: It is a built-in server in the language which does not need to configure or install. It is one of the advantages of this language and helps in running a web server. Users can use this to turn the directory into a web directory.
• Lambda function: Pythons language is a very versatile language and it provides the facility for users to create names without any names. Usually, these functions are very short, not exceeding a line.
• Decorator: This function is used to modify or change a function. A reference is sent to function and then decorates receives and after modification, it is returned.
Python language is very famous among software developers for programming and building websites and applications. It provides development base on community and It is managed by not profit organization of this programming language. In python programming, an interpreter is available to the programmers whereas a compiler is available to the java users.
Programming in python language can be done with the use of many different networks
• Django: This development framework is an open source framework with the fully arranged libraries available to users.
• Pyramids: this is an application framework based on web and work with least complexity. One of its unique features is that it can work with small as well as large applications.
• Turbo Gears: this framework is used to create data-driven web-based applications. This framework is available to users with the facility of templating.
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