Ways To Use Audio To Text Transcription Services

When you’re living a busy lifestyle, you don’t have time to type up a transcript of your audio files yourself. Transcription can be very time consuming and repetitive, and typing up a transcript takes away time you could be using to get other projects done. Professional audio to text transcription services is an easy way to get an accurate transcript without having to go through the hassle of doing it yourself. Here are some of the types of professional transcripts you can get from audio to text service.

Legal transcripts

When you work in the legal field, it’s very important to have accurate, verbatim transcripts of case proceedings for your records. However, these can be difficult to type up on your own, particularly if you are an inexperienced transcriptionist and there are many speakers in the recording. 

Medical transcripts

As a physician or other health professional, you’ll need to transcribe health records from time to time. These transcripts are very important for your records, but as a busy medical professional, it’s difficult to find time to type them. Audio to text service is the perfect way to get your records typed up quickly and accurately without taking time out of your day.

Research studies

Both commercial and academic research studies can require one-on-one interviews, and may also require focus groups. These recordings are a gold mine of qualitative data but can be quite the hassle to type up. A professional transcription service can turn around accurate text of your research in just a few days, and in many cases, the transcript will be finished and edited in less than a day. With these fast turnaround times, you’ll be able to start using your research right away.

Conference calls

During conference calls and board meetings, you might be brainstorming new ideas or getting crucial information from a new client. Recording your meetings is a great way to ensure that none of these details are forgotten, but you probably don’t have the time to go back through the audio recording and make notes. Having a professional transcription of your meetings on file for reference makes it easy to scroll back through and find the information you are looking for.

Journalist interviews

When interviewing a source for your next article or book, taking a recording is going to be much easier than taking notes by hand. This also frees up your full attention so you can have a productive conversation and get the information you need from your interview subject. While you could opt to type up your own recordings, an audio to text transcription service is fast and very accurate. Once you have your transcripts back, they will be very easy to reference throughout the writing process to ensure accurate information and quotes.


If you or someone important to you is giving a speech, you may want to have a transcript of it for future use. This is particularly helpful if you are the one giving the speech and you think you may want to do a similar speech at a future event. You can use audio to text transcription to get a typed version of your speech that you can easily reference in the future.


If you record a podcast, your regular listeners might want a transcript of the show.  because it allows people who have hearing loss to enjoy it. Your listeners may also enjoy having the ability to go back and reference the podcast later on, particularly if it provides educational content. Audio to text transcription can get you a typed version of your podcast with a quick turnaround time.

These are just a few of the many ways you can use audio to text transcription services to get an accurate typed version of your audio files. No matter what type of audio file you have, a professional service can save you time and energy by getting you a transcript quickly. Audio to text transcription services are checked and verified for accuracy and can be done according to your personal instructions.

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