5 Ways to Boost Your E commerce Conversion Rates

E commerce Conversion Rates

Like everyone you must think that the most important factor in any business is profit, and somehow yours and mine lifestyle is also correlated to the money which we earn. However for online sellers, the Amazon’s and flipkart’s conversion rate is, in fact, the most important element because they are majorly earning from here and for any e-commerce business person, these results show how well their efforts are generating profits. Profits in the picture of hard earned cash.

So today I am going to help you in increasing your conversion rate on your online selling business so that you too can earn a gazillion amount of profit like all the big fishes of these e-commerce platforms

Optimize your keyword

Your title is indeed the most important element of e-commerce SEO in terms of relevance. Keywords must be optimized perfectly in your product title, because this is how your potential customers will find it. And be really careful not to involve in any sough of spamming with your product title e.g. putting many keywords, irrelevant information as Amazon can detect this and eventually will reduce your ranking.

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Always use high quality pictures

The images which you will use to sell your product should be like as if they are speaking out from the pictures and always of high quality because your customer only can see those pictures and after selling them they will make the decision to buy or not buy. Amazon suggests that the images you use should be of at least 1,000 pixels high or wide, as this will enable the zoom function on the images.

Request for positive reviews

The power of reviews is massive. Positive feedback and reviews by far the most dominant marketing tool: it is the new word of mouth. You can encourage positive reviews by sending follow-up emails to your customers and by requesting a review of your product.

Increase your visibility by paid marketing

Being visible is the first and important key that will allow users to find their desired products. For this, Amazon offers paid advertising campaigns commonly known as Amazon PPC. The more visible your products are to a potential buyer, the more chances you get a sale. Do whatever you feel like – try, measure, change and make sure you are always stay in profit

Don’t keep your prices too high.

One of the most effective ways to optimize your listing is to find exactly the right price for your product. It is a good idea to look at the prices of your competitors. It is not enough to try to go too higher or too cheaper than competitors, for two reasons: 1. Cheap does not always suggest quality and high prices don’t make your product premium 2. Profits are sometimes more important than conversions so always customize your prices accordingly to the market. When deciding on a price, it is a good idea to perform AB tests to see what works. You may also want to run a discount price to encourage conversions to increase sales.