5 Ways to Be the Best in Life

Defeat is disheartening and disappointing to many people. They just lose heart and feel like they have loat something very precious and now their life is nothing but a never ending desert with a lot of sandstorms to face. That was just one way of thinking but some also get it by the way that this life never give us what we need and everything is happening for a purpose and the worst happens when they quit. This something that one should never do. No worries, I am here to tell you some ways to choose a real way to your dream, a simple road to your dream.
Before telling you the ways, I must tell you that, even if I give you the solution and maybe if it is the easiest way to your destiny but still you will have to face the consequences. Life is not easy nor hard it is, but it’s up to you. What you make out of it. Never lose hope and never quit. Everyone was born as a child. Everyone has a brain but it’s up to you how you use it to achieve your goals. Let me recall you the same old and frequently repeated things of your past that you always ignored:
1- Just don’t think that your destination is too far away instead be brave and determined. No onw demands you to get your goal in a single day. So, taking some steps is better than fearing from the length of the road.
2- Always be positive and there is no room for negativity. Success is not the destination that you set but it is much more than that. Destination is just a pinpoint that you considered to reach in your life and it’s no called success.
3- Always remember that crawling, fighting, bearing pain for your goal is acceptable but quitting is not. It is true that you are not the toughest, bravest, best but this a true fact that you could be the moat competitive.
4- There is no tomorrow, who knows one’s time of death? So, do your work today. Suffer like most aren’t so that you will be able to live like most can’t. Be brave!
5- As you know that you have a big and a unique dream in front of yourself to achieve. But it is also correct that big things are not easy to get. You have to suffer for them. Like socrate gave an example if you start drowning in a river, you will suffer to get the air in order to survive and you will suffer to get air untill your last breath. Success is just like air, replace it with the air and now figure out how to compete.
These followings points are all based on the sayings of the great minds of all time and the basic thing they are trying to convey is the main focus. Everything demands focus from us even your wife and family. Focus and make it your routine and you will be successful. Brain is too complex and you just live your 70 years on just one chapter and call it a life.