4 proverbs to kick start your video marketing

Just like the pen has always been mightier than the sword, in the world of marketing video is becoming mightier than the keyboard. Before we talk on how to make a video to post on social media, let’s talk about why to create video at all?
While bloggers struggle to maintain a decent readership, Vloggers and Youtubers are striving with ever increasing views and shares. Video has been around for many years now, but it has started spreading like wildfire recently, and that’s because of a few main reasons:
  1. Access to the internet, in general, has become easier, faster and cheaper.
  2. Public channels like youtube have created easy monetisation options so video creators get paid through advertisements, which motivates them to create more content.
  3.  Channels like Instagram, Snapchat and now TikTok have started promoting video-based content more than simple photos or text. In fact, video is the only media type available in TikTok. 
  4. Humans are lazy and videos allow us to spend less effort in consuming more content.
OK, so you now understand you need to create videos, but how do you start?

1. Well begun is half done

Let’s first talk about what is required to shoot amazing videos which people actually view.
  1. First and foremost you need a quiet room with a clean backdrop – this can be your drawing room, basement or some conference room. 
  2. Then you need a camera to record your video, instead of going all out and buying an expensive SLR with some fancy tripod, I suggest you simply start with your phone camera and a friend to hold it while you speak about something you love, your business domain, or the best case – both.
  3. The third important thing is lighting, good lighting is very important and you need to minimize any reflection off the wall, things around you or yourself.
  4. Once you’ve published a few videos and have gained confidence buy a good quality noise reduction microphone compatible with your phone since audio makes a LOT of difference when watching videos.

2. Do in Rome as Roman’s do

Before you even start thinking about what to record, you need to first decide where all you want to publish your video and design your content, recording, and post-publishing accordingly. Usually, videos are of three types:
  1. Square-shaped (1:1 aspect ratio): Use square-shaped videos for LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook posts. They cover a lot of screen area, be it on the desktop or mobile. If you’re using your phone to record videos, mostly all of them have a “1:1” option.
  2. Vertical (9:16 aspect ratio): Vertical videos have now become the norm on almost all channels, be it Instagram stories, Snapchat or Facebook stories, they all promote vertical format videos. They fill mobile device’s screens without any black borders on the sides and are immersive to the users.
  3. Horizontal (16:9 aspect ratio):  If you are creating videos which are going to last for long then it definitely makes sense to put it on Youtube, and if you are going to do that then you need horizontal videos with 16:9 aspect ratio.
The image below shows how to change the aspect ratio in the camera app on your android phone from 4:3 to 1:1.

3. Half done is nothing

Shooting your video is just the first part of the game, once that is done, we come to the post-production, which is equally important. A lot of free tools exist which can help you with this editing, you can start with the iMovie app on MacOS or the Movie Maker on Windows. While post editing, make sure you work on these three things:
  1. Noise reduction: While you’re yet to buy a good microphone, these apps can come in handy with canceling the surrounding noise and making your voice clearer. 
  2. Background music: It’s always a good idea to add some background music to your video, it helps in grabbing the viewers attention and keeping them engaged.
  3. Subtitles: This is perhaps the most important part in your post production journey. An easy way to do this is to upload your video on youtube which then creates automatic transcriptions of the video. 

4. With love and patience, nothing is impossible

Your first video creation is going to be overwhelming and confusing, you might not get the viewership you deserve, but if you remain genuine and have patience, video can be a great media to reach out to your fans, followers and prospective customers. 

About the author

Rachit Magon is a co-founder at https://www.smooper.com which helps users connect, consult and hire social media experts from around the world. Smooper also has a free appointment scheduling app which digital marketers can use for boosting their sales.

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