Urologist: When Do You Need Them And What They Can Do!

Urologists are the surgical specialists who treat problem and issues of the urinary tract and the male reproductive systems as well. The organs that are diagnosed are kidney, prostate, bladder, urethra, testes, male organ and the associated glands. If you are having issues that are related to the above areas, then the urologist can help by discussing the problem.  Some urologists in Kolkata treat general diseases of the urinary tract while the others specialize in these areas:

  • Infertility in Males- It focuses on the issues that prevent a man from conceiving kids.
  • Urology of Females- It pertains to the conditions of the woman’s urinary tract and reproductive organs.
  • Neurology- It focuses on those urinary problems that are caused by the conditions of the nervous system.
  • Urologic Oncology- It focuses on the cancers of the urinary tract which includes kidney, bladder, prostate and the testicles.
  • Pediatric Urology- It focuses on the urinary problems in kids.

When Should You See a Urologist?

A urologist offers diagnostic and treatment services in many areas and here are some issues which mandate a visit to a urologist:


If you are male and find your spouse finds it challenging to conceive, then you should visit a urologist. A tiny percentage of male fertility is caused by testicular cancer. Although the disease can be life-threatening, early diagnosis enhances the chances of survival manifold. If you visit a local doctor, he may find it hard to diagnose.

Presence of Blood

Various conditions can cause it. A minor condition can resolve itself, but the blood in urine can be a urinary tract infection or a more severe disorder like the presence of cancer in the kidney. You must never ignore it, and get it checked by a urologist.

Pain in Bladder

It is also known as urinary incontinence and is more prevalent in women. A urologist can work out the various treatment options. She can suggest exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles or may recommend medication, or may implant devices or even suggest surgery. Are you feeling pain in urinating? It could be an infection in the urinary tract which is caused by the bacteria. The urologist can determine the cause and suggest the treatment accordingly.

Problems with Organ

Are you facing a challenge with sexual intercourse? It can be a symptom which may be about an underlying condition or some more significant issue. It can be embarrassing for some, but by not sharing the exact problem with your urologist, you are only aggravating it.

Infection in Prostate

Infection or inflammation of the prostate can cause severe pain. It can be acute or chronic as well.

Stones in Kidney or Uterus

Small or hard deposits that are made from mineral and acid salt in the kidneys, but they can pass through the ureters. It affects urination and may cause pain as well.

What Can They Do?

Once you are referred from a primary doctor, they will ask questions about the patient’s medical history and carry out a physical examination.  They may also conduct some tests:

  • Imaging, CT scans, MRI scans, and even ultrasound.
  • Urine tests can be recommended for bacteria and other signs of disease.

How to Find One?

You can find one on the best urologist platform in Kolkata. But key parameters that should be considered are experience, schedule, fee, and reviews.

In the End

You need to see some of the best urologists in Kolkata if you feel slightest of pain!

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