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Mexichem acquired 80% stakes in one or the biggest irrigation controller company (Netafim) in the world. Similar trend is expected by other major companies planning to expand their product portfolio or distribution network.
Mechanization and modernization of agriculture has gained substantial attention of governments across the world. The irrigation industry is one of the biggest benefactors of the reforms and has witnessed a good growth in the past five years. The growth was mainly driven by implementation of water saving techniques by the government as well as end users as the cost of utility water have escalated over the years. Technological innovations and increased focus on precise analysis of farm irrigation requirements has also resulted in increase in demand of irrigation controllers. The market witnessed entry of new players with focus on technology related innovation which has altered the competitive landscape in the last few years.
The market constitutes of manufacturers, distributors and system integrators which provide its product in a highly competitive market. Market is largely dominated by three major types of product which include basic controllers, tap timers and smart controllers. The basic controllers have the highest market share. It is followed by smart controllers as well as tap timers, both of which acquire almost similar market share. Based on type of input feed, sensor based system dominate the market over weather based systems.
The irrigation controller market in North America region was the biggest market accounting for majority of the revenue in 2018, it was followed by European and Asia-Pacific. Adoption of modern irrigation techniques over the years and rapid digitalization are the major reason behind the growth in the region.
According to Ken Research report titled “Global Irrigation Controller Market Outlook to 2023 – By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Rest of the World), By Type of System (Sensor Based System, Weather Based System) and By Type of Application (Agriculture and Non-Agriculture)”, the government regulations have also played a major role in wide acceptance of irrigation controller in many areas. New technologies such as Internet of Things, wireless connectivity and artificial intelligence will be widely applied in the sector in various domains. The level of technology used in various regions depends on economic conditions and education level of the farmers in the region.
Global Irrigation Controller Market
Irrigation Controllers Market India
Irrigation Controllers Market China
Irrigation Controllers Market US
Irrigation Controllers Market Italy
Irrigation Controllers Market Spain
Role Of Data Analytics In Global Irrigation
Irrigation Facilities In North America
Use Of Drones In Global Irrigation Systems
New Startup In Global Irrigation Systems
Drip Irrigation Controllers Market
Global Basic Tap Timers Market
Global Rachio Irrigation Controller
Global Hunter Industries Product Portfolio
Rainbird Irrigation Controllers
Weathermatic Market Revenue
Rainbird Sales Irrigation Controller
Europe Irrigation Controller Market
Asia Pacific Irrigation Controller Market
Drip Irrigation Controller Market
Sprinkler Irrigation Controller Market
Market Segmentation:-
By Weather and Sensor Based Irrigation Controller
By Agriculture and Non Agriculture
By Basic Controllers, Smart Controllers and Tap Timers
By Region (North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America and Rest of the World)
By Drip and Sprinkle Irrigation System
By Open and Controlled Environment Agriculture
By Residential, Sports and Others
Key Target Audience:-
Distributors of Irrigation Controller
Irrigation system integrators
Manufacturers of Irrigation Controller
Government Organizations
Commercial Farmers
Vertically Integrated Agrobased Companies
Time Period Captured in the Report:-
Historical Period –2013 – 2018
Forecast Period –2019 – 2023
Companies Covered:-
Rain Bird Corporation
Hunter Industries
The Toro Company
Lindsay Corporation
Nelson Irrigation
Valmont Industries
Hydropoint Data Systems
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