Top 5 Unique Wedding Day Hairstyles Ideas with Fresh Flowers

Jewel accessories are good to tuck in hair but flowers add great accent and liveliness. Flowers are used in bulk to decorate the wedding stage, for bridal bouquet and for masterpiece center table decoration. You will realize that send flowers online just not enhances the beauty of space but also pour some purity and divineness. It is the reason we emphasis on writing articles about makeover of hairstyle with flowers. You can take inspiration from the floral arrangements for a complete style up do.

1] Flowers on the Side

It’s the top and trending style to catches attention of all. Pin the flowers in the sides to get the u overwhelming look to your hairstyle. Red roses are perfect to go and match with the Indian traditional lehanga. Send flowers online must be fresh so that bride-to-be can experience the soothing aroma during the wedding time. Accent the sides of flowers with the wax flowers and some faux accessories. Up do the side bun with half wreath wrapped on the side of bun. There are endless possibilities of designer flowers readily available to tuck on the side of bun.

2] Full Floral Buns

If you have seen the photos of Anushka Sharma, she has worn a dahlia floral bun on her wedding day. You have too many options of colorful flowers to tuck in your bun. On the other hand you can uphold a flower wreath on the bun to match with the wedding attire. Wear a net dupatta or transparent dupatta so everyone can see the complete makeover of hairstyle. It upgrades the look when you wore a dupatta on face. Floral bun holds dupatta nicely and gives wedding a girl a complete traditional look.

3] Fish Tail Braids with Flowers

You can create a romantic look by tucking the fresh flowers in braids. Use Send flowers online shop to get freshest blossoms to weave it in the Fish tail braid. No worries you have short or long hair you can upgrade the look of fish tail braid by pinning the baby’s breath and some faux accessories into Alit. Keep your braid loose to weave some greenery and berries to give your fish tail a bride a nicer fresh look. Bride has a long hair loosely weave the curls on the boho side and pin some small blossoms through the end.

4] Wow worthy Floral Crowns

Floral crowns are nice thing to give wedding bride a nicer and royal look. Wedding is arranged at outdoor station with the theme of garden or nature, floral crown perfectly matches with the wedding gown. A wired crown can be embellished with tropical flowers or the seasonal flowers. Send flowers online shop gives you wide range of color and size of the flowers is liable to match with the outfits and color scheme of wedding. If you want to tuck up some greenery, pin some green veins amidst the flowers.

5] Pinned one Flower above Your Up do

Instead following group of flowers you can up do your style by pinning one big flower on the side of bun. It gives a lavish and modern look to your modern type wedding gown. Give a choice to big peace lily, hibiscus, carnations and white flowers to send flowers online. Show off the romantic look by pinning single red rose on the top. You can also try this to lose bun down on the neck to decorate the single flower on the top. It’s fine if you wear baby breath or small accessories on the mess of curls or lines on the hair.

Celebrating the prosperous day of retirement, cherishing housewarming moment, Send congratulations flower online is the most obvious choice for a token of appreciation.

It matters a lot if she is allergic to fragrant of flower. Also take in consideration which flower is the most favorite of her. She loves feminine pink roses, gerbera daisies, it will uplift her mood. Replace artificial accessories woven in hair, add fresh blossoms. You will experience the fresh and healthy smile she gains after complete makeover.