Top 5 Furniture Rental Startups in India

Top 5 Furniture Rental Startups in India

Do you know what is the most annoying part of having to move to a new city? It is the furnishing of the place you move to. Sometimes, it becomes even more annoying when you are not sure of how long in the city you will be living. College students and people moving for their job often have these problems prevailing among them.

For the past few years, renting furniture has become a popular option for these people. Renting furniture in India is a big relief to those who do not want to spend too much to own expensive furniture. 

Luckily enough, new startups have now come into the race of providing high-quality and less costing furniture for their takers. These companies have come in as a savior to the people who move from city to city for their work and education.

This post highlights such Top 5 Furniture Rental Startups in India that are making life easier for such people.   

1. RentoMojo

People moving to new cities have found a trustworthy furniture renter in RentoMojo. It serves different places including Pune and Chennai, where not many companies exist. One can rent all sorts of furniture from RentMojo with a minimum renting period of three months.

People love RentoMojo for the range of products it offers and the company never stops experimenting with that. It offers various furnishing products along with electrical appliances and smart devices too. The company recently started offering bikes on lease to some of the cities it provides service to.    

2. Frequip

New to the scene, Frequip is already winning the hearts of customers with the quality of products it has to offer. The startup serves in Delhi-NCR for now, but it is already starting to capture the limited market that it operates in.

There is an endless variety of furniture on rent at Frequip. The company also offers home appliances and smart home devices to make life easier for the purchasers. The package deals of renting many products together is an amazing option that Frequip provides to people to save money. 

3. Cityfurnish

Cityfurnish can get people the most premium of furniture on offer at affordable prices. Fitness to office furniture, it has got the customers covered in all departments. The delivery and setup cost is negligible at Cityfurnish. You can select any product from the company’s site and it will take no more than 72 hours to get at your location with the product.

4. Rentickle

If you are looking for more options to rent from, then Rentickle may end your search. Intending to serve customers on all fronts, Rentickle offers several products. It goes a step ahead and offers even cars to interested customers. 

When it comes to furniture, Renticle is never disappointing you with the unique offerings it has. It has all the products that a modern house calls for. 

5. Furlenco

Amongst the established players in the market, Furlenco is also making its space. The company comes as a refreshing option for the customers who want to try new offerings for their furnishing needs. Furlenco has an impressive site from where the customers can know exactly what they are buying.

The company is very clear about its terms and conditions from the start and you are never kept from any hidden information which you must know. Furlenco takes no time for your KYC process and delivering products.

Aren’t these amazing options to rent furniture from? Startups with such offerings are assured to go high up in the business. They are already getting appreciations from the customers to end their furniture renting vows.