Top 5 Cheap Web Hosting Services Provider 2019

If you want to launch a website, you need to consult a web hosting provider. Simply put, these neat little businesses are the channels through which you interact with your online audiences. Every website has content files (made up of textual and graphical elements). These require storage, as well as transmission – the two basic processes concerned with website loading. Hosting providers are the platforms where this cycle is constantly enacted. Some ISPs provide hosting services to their business clients themselves. Others, like the Spectrum Double Play project from Charter, are gradually jumping onto the popular bandwagon too.
Not all Website Hosting Solutions Come Cheap
But not all hosting providers are cheap. Many, in fact, engage in deceptive marketing and advertising practices. They may announce a particular hosting plan at a severely discounted rate on their main website page; in an attempt to lure customers. But when you read through the fine print, a clearer picture emerges. And this certainly demands that you pay more than what you initially bargained for.
With this said, however, there are several hosting services on the internet that actually do provide some relief to your wallet. Whether you’re an individual customer or an established brand.
As a content developer constantly engaged in penning elaborate textual passages, I deal with these providers on a daily basis. And to provide beginning developers with some incentive to continue onward, I’ve listed some of the popular ones down below.
These hosting companies not only provide great value for your buck, but they also come with a host of important sidelong services. And since everyone is not an expert when it comes to website designing and launching, these tools come in very handy.
Shared Hosting Vs. Optimized WordPress Hosting
Shared hosts and optimized WordPress hosting providers are some of the cheapest kinds of deals that you’re likely to find on the internet.
Shared hosts, as their name implies, bank on sharing a provider’s server space among a number of websites. This approach comes with the advantage of distributing the overall costs of the servers used. So no one particular website client has to pay too much. But on the flipside, shared hosts can experience slow website loading speeds.
This happens when a particular website’s file content on the server is very heavy. Leading to sluggish data rates overall.
WordPress hosting is more suited to blog-type websites. Where the primary intent is to share informational content with the public. Sometimes, separate e-commerce sections appear as well – to facilitate online transactions. WordPress provides a number of default templates to choose from, and these often give quite attractive results. In addition, the platform provides several powerful extensions & add-ons that enhance the site’s user experience.
The Importance of Uptime
‘Uptime’ refers to the entire period in the lifecycle of a website when it is live, and freely accessible. Surprisingly, not all hosting providers are able to make good on this count. And in such cases, when their hosted websites are down, contractors have to rely on customer support services. This is necessary to retain consumer interest. Otherwise, the customer would simply drift off into the waiting arms of a business competitor.
In the list below, I’ve also considered the normal uptime delivered by a hosting provider (shown through its ranking order).
The Top Five (Cheap) Web Hosting Providers
Based on my own experience, and third-party ranking agency reviews, I’ve listed the top five web hosting providers that you should contact. Before you correspond with any clever sales marketers, that is; who may attempt to dissuade you from getting the right deal.
1. HostGator Web Hosting
2. Hostwinds Web Hosting
3. GoDaddy Web Hosting
4. 1&1 Web Hosting
5. Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting
As a newbie, I’d strongly recommend that you check out HostGator’s services.
Through this shared hosting platform, you’ll get unlimited monthly data transfers. Along with the option to choose from Linux or Windows servers. The 24/7 customer support service thrown into the mix doesn’t hurt either. In fact, this facility proves critical in the event of any website downtimes (which are rare).
Hostwinds is also a great choice if you want to ease into the website development and launching game from scratch. This is a shared hosting platform, but unlike HostGator, it offers unlimited WordPress data transfers. Linux/Windows servers, as well as a twenty-four hours customer support service, come as a given.
So you don’t need to worry too much.
GoDaddy has dominated the web hosting enterprise for many years now. And one of the biggest reasons for this sweep is the company’s own customer support service. Which, if you don’t already know from experience, helps you on every step of the way. GoDaddy is also a hit with Asian web developers, who take particular comfort with its reasonable pricing tariff.
The platform comes with all the common web hosting services and features you’d expect from a quality provider.
1&1 Web Hosting and Yahoo
1&1 Web Hosting is a great platform for medium-sized businesses to experiment with. This vendor offers bulk discounts to brands with a large number of live websites. Yahoo’s services, on the other hand, win out over their competition because of their fast server response times. Which, if you haven’t already guessed it, make website loadings a breeze.
While on a recent patrol of the Spectrum service area, I saw a large number of website hosting providers trying to win over the ISPs subscribers. Much of this, I suspected at the time, had to do with the company’s own plans to fan out into the hosting domain.