Tips and Tricks to Build a Better English Teacher

As we all know a teacher is like a second mother and school is like a second home for every child. When the child comes out of a home and enters Scholl he always expects some positive words and encouragement from the side of the teacher. It’s very important to have a good rapport with the students. Teachers must understand the mentality and thinking process of the students. When a teacher understands the student’s emotions and feelings then he or she said to be the best teacher. In the past teachers are much-respected persons and considered as the alliance. Because they are not talking much silent not smiling with students very strict and students really afraid of teachers. But if we do like that in this modern era students will not value us or never concentrate on our subject they will avoid us completely. To make them like the subject first they must like the personality of the teacher and their understanding. Then naturally they will like the teacher’s subject too. And will try to impress teachers by scoring good marks. If we take English teachers students generally had a thick face towards English because it’s in some cases no pronounced as it written and not written as pronounced. But students love that subject. So to be a better English teacher at first teacher must love the subject and students to whom she was going to take a class and should motivate them without making fun of their pronunciation.
Pronunciation skill
It’s something very important in English class that is audio-visual aids. Teaching English is not an easy task it needs time and patience while teaching. And students will not be able to understand the subject completely at ones. By showing audio and visuals teacher can help them to understand the pronunciation skills in which students generally go backward. Which letter to be pronounced where to give stress these are very important, the teacher should be well pronounced in talking skills. When the teacher pronounces certain words it will attract students and that particular teacher will be the role model to them. If a teacher miss pronounces a certain word it will have a negative effect on his or her personality. So to be a perfect English teacher she must be good at pronunciation.
Talk to students has a good rapport share your own experience
English teacher must talk in English and should encourage other students to talk in English. You can use your own experience while talking to the students. I am an English teacher professionally but I was very weak I English when I was in school but one situation taught me that to best in English you must talk in English and you can impress your teacher. I tried I worked hard and it really showed magic. So you must share your experience and should encourage students by giving your own example from your life.
Use some games in English class
English class will be boring if you use textbooks alone to make t interesting you must involve some word games puzzles it will make class interesting and always give some new word for students to enrich their vocabulary. It will be difficult for students at the beginning but it’s up to you encourage every single improvement from the student’s side and you will succeed.
These are some tricks which will help you to be a better English teacher. Technology has developed in such a way that you can use every single aspect from it and it’s very fruitful for students. Always be a role model to the students. Its mainly depends on the teacher if you encourage your students you must point out every single improvement then you can see magic gradually.
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