Things You Need To Know Before You Attend Sikh Wedding

Sikh Wedding
Sikh Wedding

Sikh wedding is known for its richness and beautiful Customs. As we know that Punjabi is famous for their rich culture and each wedding ritual is celebrated with full of Joy. Generally, a Punjabi wedding ceremony is often held at Sikh temple and takes less than an hour to complete wedding. If you are attending a Sikh wedding or belong to Sikh Family, you must know these following things before:


The Groom enters with the Baraat

Well prepared groom and Groom family’s members reached wedding venue which is pre-decided by the Bride’s families. A portion of singing and dancing that happens right before the wedding ceremony.


When the baraat reached the wedding venue, the priest performs a small prayer in front of God where both family members including Groom not bride take a part of this ceremony. It is a formal meet or introduction with the family members where they exchange garlands and offer some amount of money, known as shugan.

Ceremony Etiquette

Before entering the Sikh temple, it is necessary to take off your shoes & sock and cover the head with the headscarf.

Things You Will See

You will see that all guest bow their heads in front of the Holy Book (Shri Guru Granth Sahib)

Where should I sit?

Men and Women are often sitting separately or opposite sides of the hall. Only the bride and groom are sitting in front of the holy book to perform the various wedding ceremonies.

During the ceremony

Generally, wedding ceremonies take a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour to complete. During this, Guest is not allowed to chit – chat with each other. Firstly, the priest sings wedding hymns in honor of God after that the priest read Lava from the holy book. When the priest completes each Lava, the bride and groom take rounds after the priest read each lava.  

Expect a dessert at the end

At the end of the wedding ceremony, a sweet dessert is delivered to all guests known as Kara Parshad.

After The Ceremony

Finally, the bride and groom are officially married and guest will offer money as a Shugan.

Final Words: The wedding guests are served delicious Food. The doli signifies the departure of the bride from her maternal home to her marital home. When the bride reaches her husband’s home, she is welcomed by his family. is a part of NRI Marriage bureau. Sheer transparency is our motto, so we never impose hidden charges.