The Need of Entrepreneurial Qualities Among Us

The Need of Entrepreneurial Qualities Among Us

This is the age of the 21st century, where our livelihoods are converted into a state of a global village and in this global village, everyone wants’ to be great among all.

As a way of reaching this greatness, there is a very cool word which is insanely popular among our people.

Guess what?

Yes, it’s entrepreneurship. But is it easy to reach that greatness?

Maybe not. But now a day’s people are learning these skills and building themselves as entrepreneurs.

I am not telling that all the people in the world have entrepreneurial skills, of course not. Therefore we need to develop these skills and qualities by ourselves if we have the burning desire to become an entrepreneur.

Here in this post, I will be sharing with you 7 main entrepreneurial qualities, which you need to develop in yourself if you want to be an entrepreneur.

So are you ready?

Let’s do this.


7 Entrepreneurial Qualities That We Need to Develop

1.Patients: – This is the most precious or valuable word in human life. The one, who have no patients, is like a drop of water in taro leaf; entrepreneurship is too far away.

But why?

The answer to this ‘why’ is you will not get success immediately. Believe me, I am a blogger and I have been blogging since the last 7 months but still my blog traffic too low that I can’t even earn a cent from it.

But do you know which thing keeping me alive on this ground?

It’s my patients. I believe that one day I will definitely be successful in this field. Just follow the rules of Jack Ma and Abraham Lincoln, and keep patients consistently.

Did anyone believe in Jack Ma at that time, after failing 40 times he would be able to establish the giant organization like

Did anyone believe in Abraham Lincoln at that time, after failing 10 times in election, he would be the president of America?

Maybe not; except them. This is called patients. Just ask yourself, why did you start your journey and why you want to stop?


2. Believe you are great: – Have you ever listened about Steve Jobs? The founder of Apple and the collets entrepreneur of the 21st century;

Once he said, “The life you call it life is made up by people that are no smarter you, you can influence it, you can change it, and you can build your own things that other people can use. Just discover one single fact and that fact will change your mind completely, you will never be the same again after discovering the fact”.

I am not urging you to underestimate other people around you but just think yourself, if you don’t think yourself great than who will think you are the great and most importantly how you will attempt to do something great.

So always believe that you are a great person.


3. Don’t insult your competitor: – How do you feel when someone insults you? Suppose you want to be the 1st in a running competition and someone told you that you are too slow and fool that you can’t win the competition.

How do you feel?

Maybe you will try as hard as you can from your heart to soul to come in the 1st position.

This same theory works in the field of business and entrepreneurship. As much as you will insult or underestimate your competitor, he/she will be motivated more and more.

So do never try to insult or underestimate your clever competitor friends.


4. Work Consistently: – Your goal is waiting for you in a static point, just go there and get it. It will not walk through to you; it’s your hunger and your duty to walk to there.

So, work consistently and never stop anymore; you will definitely reach your goal. This is the 4th point that every entrepreneur should remember.

Recently published an article on the entrepreneurship in Assam. There, they shared a few reasons why most of the Assamese people fail in entrepreneurship, where one of them is lack of working consistency among them.

In the world, 80% of people hate to keep consistency in their work. So my friends do never forget this 4th rule of discipline.


5. Learn from your environment: – Do you have any geek vision to fulfill in your life? If you have then it’s great but if you have not, then find around yourself, “where is the problem?”

Do you know why I am telling you to find a problem?

Because every problem has some potential solutions and in every solution, there is a great business model is waiting for you.

So first find a problem of common people around you and then innovate an awesome solution to it.

Remember my friend entrepreneurship is not only just about making big money, but it is also about solving common people’s problem.

If you solve it through your entrepreneurial way then you will make a lot of money that you will be unable to count on.


6. Do ‘never give up’: – Why 10 out of 9 people fail in entrepreneurship?

Do you have any answer?

Yes, they fail because they don’t know how to say own-self “Never give up” and do it once again.

I think there is no lack of skills among people around the world. People have skills but 95% of people have a lack of good wills.

In entrepreneurship, it’s very common that 90% chances are you will fail again and again.

But my friend can I tell you something, “Never Give Up”, just say your soul that I will do it once again.

[P.S: – Don’t attempt this quote as like a parrot, After you fail once, then learn and grow your skills more and more to try again]


7. Be Genuine: – “Work is worship, time is money and honesty is the best policy”. If you want to be great then don’t even try to use shortcuts. It doesn’t work in the long term.

If you stay in a genuine way then it’s very common that people around you will think you are a fool and you are wasting your time, because they don’t get to see your immediate success.

But believe in yourself my friend, in the end, you will definitely be successful and your success will touch the sky.

This is the final and most important point to remember ‘Be Genuine’.

As Shiv Khera said, there is no trick of getting success in life; there are only some universal principles in the world, which are equal to the entire human race.



So this is it for today that I wanted personally to share with you.

What do you think? Comment below.

Thank you so much.

Dinesh Taylor

I am Dinesh, a content writer at Writeup . I wrote many articles at this website. Read my post regularly and share with your friends.

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