The Importance of Linux as a Cheap Web Hosting Platform

Why People Attracting Toward Linux Web Hosting 

There are some versions of Linux, which is used as a Cheap web hosting platform, that come free of cost. This is one of the main reasons why Linux is widely used by a large number of web hosting firms.

Businesses get the flexibility of setting up innumerable Linux servers without going through the stress of buying licenses as is the case with Windows web hosting. This is another good reason behind the popularity of Linux as one of the best web hosting options. At the same time, it is also noteworthy that Linux is secure and majority of the developers have this strong belief that Linux is more secure in comparison to Windows as well. However, a lot depends on the knowledge and the skills of the user operating the server.

What to Look Out for in a Linux Web Hosting Platform?

Making the choice of Linux web hosting is not a very difficult thing to do especially when there are some market leaders operating in the present times. Also, because Linux is highly popular across web hosting providers, it would be easier for customers to find the best Linux hosting packages. Almost any shared hosting package that you seem to come across will be Linux-based. When making the choice of Linux hosting providers, it is necessary for you to consider all those things that you will be getting with your hosting package. It is necessary for you to know about all the features like disk space options, bandwidth, email features, eCommerce functionality and control panels.

Up-time Guarantees

Majority of the service providers that offer Linux website hosting come with an up time guarantee along with providing standard, business and re-seller plans in this category. Take for example, Many Companies offers both business and re seller Linux hosting packages that come with unlimited disk space, unlimited mailing accounts, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited FTP and unlimited MySQL database in the market. With the business Linux hosting package, you get 30 domains hosting while there are 100 domains hosting that come with the Reseller plan. However, there is a slight different in prices. The Business hosting pack is available at 348 INR monthly while the Reseller plan comes at 328 INR monthly.

Apart from all the above mentioned features, there is an up-time guarantee between 99.9% and 99.98% which is one of the greatest things about Linux Web Hosting. If you are getting this up-time guarantee it automatically means that the server of the hosting provider is fairly reliable. There are even hosting providers that reimburse their clients for downtime with free hosting for a month in situations of extensive outages.

There are a few people questions that customers like to find answers for when they make up their minds to go for Linux website hosting. The questions include:

Is it difficult to use Linux website hosting?

No. there is absolutely no need for the users to make use of the operating system when using Linux hosting. This goes special for the beginners. Majority of the hosting management is done by way of the control panel that is specifically designed to be easy for usage.

What do you get from a typical Linux website hosting plan?

With Linux shared hosting, you generally get a lot of server space with limited bandwidth. Your hosting provider will offer you easy access to the software that you require for uploading and publishing your basic website. Additionally, you also get the flexibility to installed approved scripts for things such as wikis, forums and CMSs.

What are the programming languages supported by Linux?

Every hosting provider offers different support for programming languages. However, the general rule is that all the languages are supported on every plan.

Does it really matter the type of Linux distribution that I have on my hosting package?

No. it does not matter at all.

What software is needed for Linux hosting?

You have the option of coding to create your website or you can even install blogging application or CMS on the server for building a website once you have got the Linux hosting plan.