The Holocaust: Selling Hatred

The Holocaust: Selling Hatred

Hatred. How else would anything like the Holocaust occur? Or why?
Look back through the history of earth, and see a history of fear.

In our cultures there is an old habit. From our very early forming of groups, tribes, clans, we have called ourselves “the people” and we have extended that title only to those we recognize as members of our own group. Therefore, anyone else is “other”, and the words used for the “other” in many cultures clearly convey that we feel they are inferior, evil, and not to be trusted. When we are openly and actively working only for the benefit of our own, we break faith with the rest of the human race.

Thus hate creeps in and takes root. It is carefully instilled. Distrust is used by those who will benefit from discord or would be threatened by unity. An unpleasant use of the people, keeping them inward looking and small; keeping them afraid. We are looking at wholesale slaughter, intentionally incited, as a solution to the “Jewish Problem”.

We are talking about mass murder; genocide, the stated intention to exterminate an entire genetic group. How was this ever sold as a “solution”? Well, to start with, Jews had to be sold as a “problem”.

That is where Psychiatry comes into the picture. Before Hitler came to power, the Psychiatrists, respected doctors and influential professors, were already systematically collecting, transporting, dissecting and killing “racially and cognitively challenged” Jews, Gypsies and others. Over 200,000 individuals were kidnapped, used and killed, in six psychiatric institutions with special rooms used gas chambers.

The genesis of the Holocaust is here. Widening the acceptance of hate made it possible; psychiatrically directed marketing made it possible. The placement of Hitler created a demagogue, and a focal point for broadcasting hate and distrust. And the Holocaust ensued. And humanity betrayed itself.

There true solution to fear and hate is well stated by L. Ron Hubbard, “On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on earth.”

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