The Faith fights for Civic Rights

The Faith fights for Civic Rights.
Tampa Bay is an area where the violation of Civics Rights occurs every day. But the other side of the coin also shows that it is a city full of concerned citizens that are ready to roll up their sleeves and do something about it.
It all starts with a key piece, Faith. A pastor, a priest, a minister, a Scientologist and many more religious and spiritual leaders, who have decided to take the lead within their respective churches and spiritual groups, are based on the same axis, that man is basically good. Man deserves salvation and help to reach a higher spiritual level. The essence of all these movements is to allow man to become a better being.
Seeing the needs of the different communities, they have decided to open their doors to other beliefs and help each other in the face of worldly problems, such as domestic violence, the epidemic of drugs, human trafficking (slavery), and discrimination, among others. It is through the help of churches and different religious movements that they will be able to improve things and people strengthen their FAITH.
The interreligious events given in Tampa Bay will create and invite participation in one of the most important celebrations of the United States, Martin Luther King Day. Martin Luther King was a great Pastor who helped this nation to change its way of thinking using nonviolent protests for Peace, and changing the Civil Rights of this country, marking an unprecedented beginning for a better future.
The different churches of Tampa Bay will honor this commemoration day, January 21, 2019 by organizing different parades on Martin Luther King Day. There will be open festivities in St. Petersburg where last year’s attendance was over 60,000 with another parade in Tampa and one in Clearwater. We wait for you to celebrate together the legacy of this great man; peace, civil rights and eradication of poverty.
“Try to treat others as you would want them to treat you.” L. Ron Hubbard.