April 1, 2020
Bigo Live app

Bigo Live or body Live? Protect Kids from Online Shamming

Young kids and teens have become the victim of x –rated content by using cell phones connected to the internet. Since the cyberspace has become very common worldwide, young kids and teens are living in the hyper-sexualized world. Today, teens are highly obsessed with social media apps, websites and instant messengers. They used to of using social media platforms such as Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, Snapchat, and plenty of others alike.

 Nowadays, a new dilemma has come forward in terms of Bigo live that is also known as a video streaming app. Teens and tweens are ridiculously using this particular video streaming social media platform to share their body live in order to get appreciation and as well as to make money online.

What is Bigo Live app?

You can get your hands on it by visiting the Google Play store. However, according to the states, Bigo Live remains at the top in Singapore App store for almost five days unless Pokemon Go has taken its place later. It only requires a mere strap to start with it in terms of live video streaming. So, when the teen’s starts using the app they can get the online reward that convertible into money.

The real tension begins when the teen’s starts using this app for body shaming online to get more online rewards in order to make money online. User can make comments, to have chat and to receive beans that are online currency Bigo videos streaming has introduced on its platform.

 Young teens and tweens reportedly have started live striping that could be getting viral within no time on other social media platforms. That’s why we can say it is Bigo Live or Body live. So, parents have to protect teens from such online body shaming activities to protect them from bullies and sexual predators.

Initially, live video streaming app was designed for the people who want to become famous, but today it seems like users are using it for having gifts and to get girls online and make sexually suggestive possess according to the reports of CNN.

Similar Web Statistics: Bigo Live

  • It has more than 10 million active users Worldwide
  • It has come up in general public since 2016 and user can use it on contemporary cell phone devices
  • The Live video blogging app is wreaking havoc in the charts
  • The video streaming app Bigo is wreaking havoc in the charts
  • Teens are using it to do striping online or shaming online to make money online in terms of “Beans” that is the online currency of Bigo Live
  • Bigo Live is full of X –rated content How Bigo Live is Dangerous for

Why Bigo live video streaming app is dangerous for teens

Sexual grooming

Obviously, the social media app Bigo Live is highly popular among tweens and teens. That’s why when they start using this particular platform they see opposite gender sharing shaming online in sexually suggestive ways. Ultimately, it starts grooming young minds sexually and they will do the same like the way other teens and tweens are doing using live video blogging app Bigo live. Teens share their private videos to strangers and including bullies, stalkers and sexual predators starts searching for the person in person and definitely teens got trapped online and then commit to meet in the real –life to have sexual motives.

Adult or X –rated content

The live video blogging app is full of inappropriate content and today it is one the most popular social media app in Asian countries no time ever before. We all know that when it comes to female men always love to make comments and show their interest in the opposite gender. So, the teen shares their naked bodies using a cell phone camera on their chest. On the other hand, men try to respond to the person in the live video streaming app.

What should parents do to protect teens from live video streaming app?

All you need to do is to set parental monitoring on teens cell phone installed Bigo Live. Parents can perform parental control on teens Bigo Live activities but they just need to install the phone spy app on the target cell phone device. In addition, user can perform live screen recording of the screen when target teens are up to the Video streaming app.


Cell phone parental control software is the best tool to perform digital parenting on Bigo live streaming app.

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