Successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it

Who or what is the definition of successful people? Successful people are generally role models for the upcoming generations in society from different walks of life. Successful people are also like a banyan tree, with their roots widespread into the ground. They are often strong enough to support other structures around it. And with such widespread roots, it provides shade and cools considerably a large radius of the area under it. So just by existing, a banyan tree provides habitat and ground for other life forms to flourish around it. And derive nourishment and nutrition from it. Similarly, a successful person by achieving their due goal or in their strive for the same becomes a thriving economy for those surrounding him and associated with him.


Let us illustrate this with an appropriate example, taking into account the instance of industrialist, philanthropist and social youth icon, Ratan Tata. He is the proprietor of many successful and globally renowned brands. These are Jaguar & Land Rover Motors, TATA group of products and services. TATA also very recently launched airways Vistara. Ratan Tata is heir to JRD Tata, a prolific industrialist, entrepreneur and airline enthusiast in early independent India. He contributed in a lot of ways to shaping the face of independent India as it stands today. And Ratan Tata has taken reigns of the same enthusiasm with amplified passion.


Today TATA group of companies which represents itself as an Indian conglomerate is a global employer in almost every walk of life. It is taking the brand India ahead by leaps and bounds. Despite this huge growth and success, Mr. Ratan Tata remains a very disciplined, simple and rooted gentleman. He has no extravagant habits. Such is his dedication to the upliftment of the country through his efforts. He has remained a bachelor so as to not be divided in his commitment to community, society and the country. Very recently, TATA the trademark brand under which the group and its various concerns operate launched an initiative to launch super economy automobiles especially to empower the lower sections of the economic and social class with affordable automobiles despite the project itself not a very profitable exercise.


There are many Indian automobile manufacturers who have set their sights upon different diversifications from their core business. But all are yet to attempt their hands at this sector of automobiles. This is because it does not make much sense from a turnover point of view. But is more of a philanthropic exercise. Ratan Tata is the best example of a successful person who exemplifies the commitment every person of his stature should recognize and act towards their social responsibility for the betterment of life and the people around them.


When life is bountiful towards a particular person in more ways than his needs can suffice, then the incumbent should focus their vision from inwards to outwards, from focusing on their personal wants and desires to thinking about what is lacking in their imminent surroundings that would make life better for everyone. Such motivation and commitment towards work and life, in general, is the trademark symbol of a successful person, who is able to think beyond their own needs.