Which is the most picnic place in Assam ?

Stunning destinations in Assam

1.Rang Ghar: – A house of mind and the beauty of Assam’s heart, Rang Ghar is the first pavilion of continent Asia.

At very first it was started to built by ‘Swargadeo Rudra Singha’ but due to his death, it later completed by his son ‘Swargadeo Pramatta Singha’ in the mid of the 18th century.

Generally, Rang Ghar is the house where different types of games and programs were organized at different times (during the Ahom era).

Ahom kings came there to enjoy these programs, such as Buffalo fight, Chickens fight, Bihu dance etc.


2. Borduwa Bornamghar: – The first Namghar ever built in Assam (1549) by the great Assamese saint Srimanta Sankardeva.

It is quite controversial, because according to some people ‘Jagatananda’ built this Namghar, by following the suggestion of Sankardeva.

[Jagatananda was the elder brother of Srimanta Sankardeva]

By-the-way, if you want to go there then I have to tell you that it is situated in Nagaon district.

It will not be so wrong if we say ‘Borduwa Bornamghar’ is the central place of Assam’s ‘Vaishnavite culture’.


3. Charaideo Maidam: – A historical place from Assam history. You can smell there the glory of the great Ahom kingdom.

Do you know why?

Because, it was the first capital of the Ahom kingdom, founded in 1253 by Chaolung Sukaphaa.

If you visit there then you will get to see a lot of toms there. These tombs are non-other but the death symbols of Ahom kings.

Charaideo still has been preserving these glorious things very beautifully. In the Assamese language, the tombs are called ‘Maidam’s’ [Actually Maidam is a Tai word].

If you are a student then this place will be better for you to spend your holiday’s.


4. Kareng Ghar: – Highly known as the ‘Gargaon Palace’, Kareng Ghar is situated in Sivasagar district of Assam, near Nazira town.

[16 km away from Sibsagar main town]

It is a beautiful house, which was built by the Ahom king Pramatta Singha or Sunenphaa in 1752.

According to Assam history, this was very first started by King Rudra Singha but his building was based on Bamboo, therefore it was broken later and rebuilt by his son (Pramatta Singha) again.


5. Talatal Ghar: – Basically Talatal Ghar was the army base of powerful Ahom’s. It is situated in the middle of Sibsagar town.

After moving the capital from Gargaon to Sibsagar, Swargadeo Rudra Singha built his house for the security of his kingdom.

In the Talatal Ghar, there are too many confusing doors. Based on these doors there are also some very interesting quotes been running from a long time that if a person lost his way in Talatal Ghar then it would become quite difficult for him to come out from it.

Do you know there are two main roadway’s at the bottom of Talatal Ghar? One way reaches to Kareng Ghar (16 km away) and another reaches to Dikhow River (7 km away).


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