5 Strategies to Learn Faster and Better

Learning is what we are doing since the time we saw the first flash of light and up til now. We are always learning. Our brain is much more than our expectations and we can’t deny the fact that if you are honest at least with yourself then you have the capability of achieving impossible. Impossible is just a limit, a boundary with no fence created by us. There is nothing to be afraid of it as it has no fence but still don’t forget that it’s a boundary and it’s purpose is to stop you from getting out. Your brain provides you the ability to get the impossible and convert it to possible. First thing that I want to make clear to you is that there are no special people, there are just people who do special things. So, getting started with our five ways to reading well, recognising the content well and learning fast:
1- Points:
As we know that practice makes a man perfect. So, if you are reading something, just try to read it daily, not the whole thing again and again. Start relating a whole line with a specific word and when you re-read it, just recall those words and you will get the whole thing done in minutes.
2- Relatively:
Yeah, you heard me right. Einstein discovered a beautiful thing from his surroundings. You just have to relate the content with your daily life and that’s it. You will do it in just minutes. I know that this point is really hard to do but trust me. Once you become capable to do it, you can work much more than you can even imagine. So, must give it a try. You know that movie “Harry Potter” written by “J.K. Rowling” ? She did the same. All the incidents are from her daily life experience and look what she made out of them. Top sellings books of her times and till now, too much people love to read it including me.
3- Writer’s Point:
Now, this one is hard. When you read just try to understand the writer’s point of viewing things. It is hard in a way, whether writer could be writing just for earning fame or either for money or in real care that he/she has for the people. But, as we know “Words Speak!” so, figure it out. It will help you to think by the point of view of the writer and you will be able to answer any question regarding it.
4- Feel the words:
You are the director of your own film. Great thing is that your are the actor, hero, villain and everything of your film. This is your film, go deep, feel deep and You will understand what the writer really want to convey. We all know that we learn from mistakes and from life experiences. So, in your imagination follow all those instructions that writer is giving you, follow them and see what the results are and then make some improvising and make it bullet proof then apply it on your real life and reap the beautiful result.
5- Following the Result:
Now, the last thing that you have to do is to follow the advices in your life. Those were great people but the mistakes that they did, they just wrote and told you. You are not supposed to do the same, dodge these mistakes in order to reap much better reward and it was the soul purpose of their writings to tell you the basc mistakes that every person do and loses his most precious findings and rewards.
So, be careful with all that, it was too simple and boring but trust me you aren’t following even one. In order to end you have to start. Be patient, there is no need to take a great start to end the task, there is big need of taking a simple start in order to write a beautiful end. So, start from zero and reach the infinite.
Just keep on learning new strategies and that’s it.

Dinesh Taylor

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