Steps to Paint the Exterior of a House

The exterior paint plays a vital role in maintaining the curb appeal of a house. Good quality of paint can last for a few years after which homeowners need to repaint the exterior of their home. It is best to get a house repainted by professional painters, but some people prefer painting themselves.

Some people are fond of doing the things themselves, and they also prefer painting their house. However, they may not achieve professional quality, but there is a sense of satisfaction even if they produce an average quality.

With some skills and knowledge, it is possible for homeowners to paint their house themselves. Here are some crucial steps to follow while painting the exterior of your home.

Inspect the walls

The first step to paint your house is to inspect the walls for any cuts, worn paints, dirt spots, and other imperfections. You can also mark the spots with colored chalk to remember them and fix them during the prep work.

Collect the tools

The first step is to collect the tools for prep work and painting the walls. You need to buy or borrow the tools on rent for a few days. Homeowners should get tools like a garden hose, scrapers, pad sanders, sandpapers, paint brushes, paint rollers, sprayers, ladders, etc. You should buy different sizes of paint rollers and brushes for painting on all types of surfaces.

Prep the walls

The next step to paint the exterior of a house is to prepare the walls and other surfaces for painting. Most people want to paint without prep work, but it is essential to paint the walls in the right way. The prep work involves washing the walls, scraping, sanding, and patching.


The external walls face more dust and debris than the interior surfaces. Washing the walls helps you to clean them and remove any dust, dirt, and debris from the walls. Take a garden hose and install a high-pressure adapter on it. Connect the hose to the motor that you use to pump the water to your water tanks. Wash the walls with a high-pressure stream of water to remove all the dust and dirt from their surface.


You need to scrape the walls to remove the worn paint and remove the peels and blisters. You need scraping tools, but it is not necessary to have a scraping machine. The manual scrapers work best if you don’t have a large area that needs scraping. Scrape the walls to remove the peels and blisters of worn paint and make the surfaces uniform.


Sanding is also an essential part of prep work as it makes the surfaces more uniform to prepare them for paint. It removes any remaining paint or tiny blisters or peels that you skipped while scraping the walls. There are sanding machines available, but you can also use standard sandpapers to do the job. However, machines can do the sanding much faster than sandpapers.

Patching and filling

After scraping and sanding, there are some cracks, dents, and cavities left in the walls, and frames of doors and windows. These imperfections need patching and filling to prepare them for the paint job. You can use Plaster of Paris to fill the patches. Two-step epoxies are best for filling the deep cracks and rotten spots in walls and window frames.

Priming the surfaces

Priming the walls and wooden surfaces with a high-quality primer works well to hold the paint better. Priming covers the minor cavities and prepares the surface for the new paint. If you are repainting and the walls have become dusty and chalky, you need to use a chalky wall sealer before priming.

For painting new homes for the first time, the latex primers work well while the acrylic primers can be used on all types of surfaces. Use a spray metal primer on the exposed nail heads to avoid the rust from bleeding into the paint.

Painting the walls

The last step is to start painting the walls and other surfaces using the relevant tools. Use the brushes, rollers, and sprayers to paint the surfaces. Pick the right colors of paint suitable for the curb appeal that you want to create for your house. Use the rollers on walls and brushes on small areas like window frames and wooden surfaces. Rollers and sprayers paint uniformly as compared to brushes.

Final words

The points in this post are the necessary steps to paint the exterior of a house. However, you should paint your home only if you have some experience. Painting without knowledge and experience can lead to loss of time and money and low-quality results. Homeowners with no experience can hire professionals to paint their house. The painting services Alexandria offer high-quality paint jobs in and around Alexandria. Following the steps in this post can help homeowners to paint their house to enhance its curb appeal.

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