Some Cool Keyboard Tricks

Every official department teaches their employees to put the keyboard into increasing use instead of the mouse. The movement of the fingers in a limited space encompassing all the 26 letters in English alphabet along with various numbers, symbols, punctuations and shortcuts helps typists complete their work in a much lesser time than reaching out for the mouse and selecting things and proceed. Every time one uses the mouse, the person must stop for at least few seconds and it not only leads to loss of time but also focus. The keyboard on the other hand can be put to extensive use and elevate the level of productivity of the worker. So here are some of the cool keyboard shortcuts!

First, SHIFT + ALT + PRINT SCREEN (High Contrast) – It helps improve readability of the displayed items on screen through application of a special colour scheme. The simultaneous pressing of the above keys would open a pop up window. Click “yes” to proceed. This enlarges the font of the displayed windows and alters the colour to a highly contrasted one. In order to undo the changes click the same key combination.

Second, CTRL + ALT + UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT Arrow (Rotate Screen) – Depending on the video drivers and graphic card of the computer system this shortcut might or might not work. But it working properly would enable the user to rotate the desktop.

Third, ALT + TAB (Switching between already opened windows) – Pressing the mentioned keys would introduce a layover window that portrays all open programs. Pressing the ALT key and clicking the TAB button one would land to the next application. Releasing both the keys would open the chosen window. Wishing to alter the direction one needs to hold ALT + SHIFT key while clicking on the TAB key.

Fourth, SHIFT + DEL (Delete without confirmation) – This shortcut helps one to directly delete something on the system without the popping up of the confirmation window. In order to make this a default option, one need to right click on the Recycle Bin, then select Properties and unselect the “Display delete confirmation dialogue”.

Fifth, Windows key + D (Restore open windows or Show Desktops) – Instead of using the mouse to go back to the desktop screen, this shortcut enables individuals to do the same work in no time. One needs to press it again to get back to the prior site. 

Sixth, Windows key + L (Lock System) – One wishing to get a short break during his work hour and yet not wishing any unauthenticated access to the computer could utilise this shortcut to lock the system. When the operator returns and signs in all the previous programmes and windows will reappear.

Seventh, Windows Key + X (Run Command Prompt as an Administrator) – First of all one need to press Windows Key + X to go to the quick access menu, then utilising the UP/DOWN arrow keys to shift the Command Prompt Admin entry and finally pressing ENTER. Running this complex code would enable Administrator to access to the command prompt in no time.

Eighth, Windows Key + X and then R/H/Y/S/U (Shut Down) – to open the quick access menu one need to press Windows Key + X, then U key to open the shut down options.