(Complete Guide) Shared Hosting vs. VPS Hosting : Which Hosting Should I Choose?

You might have developed your website or blog and now are ready to host it. In the beginning, it becomes very confusing, about what type of hosting to choose. Well, if you are a beginner or if your website is freshly created then two best options for you are Shared Hosting and VPS hosting. Each of them can fulfill your hosting requirements, but both work on different criteria.  Thus, this selection choice comes to everyone’s way, whether you are a blog owner, small or growing business, or a CEO, you will have to go through this. Thus, I thought of writing an article that will help you to choose between Shared and VPS hosting.

(Complete Guide) Shared Hosting vs. VPS Hosting : Which Hosting Should I Choose?

Let’s start with shared hosting :

What is Shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of hosting in which multiple websites are hosted on a single server. All these websites share the same hosting resources like CPU memory, bandwidth, disk space, etc. Over the web server, all these websites are connected on the internet.

It is the same as living in an apartment that has a garden and pool, which is also used by your neighbors.

Advantages of shared hosting :

(1) It is the most effective hosting service.

(2) Shared hosting plans are cheaper as compared to VPS hosting. The price ranges from ₹60 to ₹400 per month.

(3) There is a huge competition among the hosting providers in the market and almost everyone provides the basic linux shared hosting service. That means it is easily accessible.

(4) You don’t need to hire any technical staff in order to maintain the shared hosting account.

(5) In shared hosting, the provider is generally responsible to manage servers, install server software, update about the security and other technical support.

Due to its low-cost maintenance, many users first opt for the shared hosting to start their website and later they upgrade it to VPS hosting as per their requirements.

Disadvantages of shared hosting :

(1)  The major disadvantage of shared hosting is its security.

As we have seen multiple websites get hosted on a single server, so each website can easily peep into other websites which leads to hacking. There is a possibility that your neighboring website owner can steal your website’s information without you getting it to notice.

(2) When multiple websites share the same resources, there is always a scarcity of them, as the resources get distributed according to the usage of websites. So, suppose there is one website which drives heavy traffic then that website will ask for more resources and will consume them heavily. This leads to the shortfall of resources for the other websites and that automatically hampers the performance of those websites.  

Who can use shared hosting?

(1)If you are a web designer/ developer and want to learn how your site gets visible on the internet, then shared hosting plans are great for you.

(2) Are you a writer or wish to start your own blog? Then you should definitely consider shared hosting as it is the best and affordable solution for you. Whenever you choose any shared hosting plan, do consider some of the things like bandwidth size, CPU memory, etc. as it may later limit your hosting use.

So, if you wish to form various categories in your blog like Fashion, Cooking, Technology, etc. then it will always be better to choose the one that gives you more amounts of resources.

(3) Are you already a hosting user and think that you spend more then what you get out of it?

Then also you can choose shared hosting as it can easily handle the low volume of traffic on your website or blog. This will make the full use of the hosting plan and the amount associated will be reduced.

The second one that we are going to see today is VPS hosting.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a type of hosting, where multiple websites are hosted on a single server but each one of them gets separate resources to use. That means in a shared hosting environment you get the dedicated resource, which you don’t need to share with other websites. Hence, the name is given which tells that while using cheap VPS hosting, you get the feeling of using a separate server, which is not true. The virtual word indicates, you get separate resources but on the same server.


Advantages of VPS hosting :

(1) As the resources are not shared with other websites, so there will never be the short fall of bandwidth, CPU memory, etc. You can use the resources as per your need and as much as you want, they are dedicated to you only.

(2) Again, as the resources are separated from each other, there is no scope for other websites to interfere in your website data. So, the security is maintained in this case.

Disadvantage of VPS hosting :

The only disadvantage of VPS hosting over shared hosting is its cost. It may cost a bit more as compared to shared hosting, but the security that you get with it is very good. So, I think if you look from the ROI point of view then, VPS hosting is better than shared hosting.

Who can use VPS hosting?

Every small, mid and large business can easily use VPS hosting. It can handle the high volume of traffic very effectively.

Conclusion –

Among shared and VPS hosting, I think VPS gets more points as it satisfies all your hosting requirements in a single plan. But, if you are not sure about your website or blog’s duration like for how much time you are going to continue its usage, then shared hosting is a preferable choice.  

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