Selenium Time to move manual into automation

How to Earn a High Salary Hike in the Testing Domain

With regard to software development in modern times, software testing is mandatory to achieve quality and standard results. Manual testers work involves testing application manually which initially may be easy but as the time goes repetition may become tedious and time consuming. In old times automation of browsers was costly affair. Companies had to buy costly software packages which also included expensive training to make people understand its usage. This has made the automation tool popular as it comes with an open source library and is absolutely free. 

I have been working in software testing undergo Selenium Training in Chennai sphere for past 10 years. Initially I was quite happy and comfortable with what I was doing. Even though after some years, I sensed the changes that have started coming with automation testing but I ignored it. I realized later that I was at the verge of a lay off.  I desperately tried to switch company and started attending interviews. It was hard for me to find a suitable job position for me according to the skill set and experience I had. I started experiencing failures. It became a trend that I just could crack to second or third rounds of interviews only. Everywhere the demand was for automation.

The situation that I had ignored long back was now in front of me with full force. I realized that without additional skillset and automation knowledge I am getting nowhere. This necessity definitely needed my time and commitment. I was at the cross-roads of my career when I decided to meet a good friend of mine who was also a manual tester previously but now was working in a top-notch company as an automation tester.

Automation has become a necessity everywhere. RPA Training in Chennai The process and activities which were done manually previously and which you used to consumer lot of time and effort now was replaced with automation which made things easy, quick and error free. My friend suggested me to go for automation tool – Selenium webdriver. This tool is the best when compared to others. It is an open source tool which can be used by anyone and is easy to set up and install. Great support from huge user community is the next best thing about this tool. Users across the globe can find solutions to their problems on various user groups. This tool works on all the OS and works smoothly with languages like java, python, C# etc. Over the years the job openings for this tool has increased steadily.

Once I decided to take up Selenium for my own good, my friend suggested me the best place for getting trained and that was TestLeaf. Once my training started at TestLeaf I realized I have been lucky to be trained at this place. All the trainers and mentors here are real time working profession with high experience. Their attitude and approach towards the participants is extremely humble and very patient to every question asked. Their teachings are all example based which makes every scenario to be understood in an easy and thorough manner. Their classroom trainings are followed by daily assignments and homeworks which ensures that participants get maximum practice on each concept. TestLeaf gives 100% hands-on training with real time projects to make the participants implement their learnings and get exposure to real time experience. Not only this, their training also includes interview-based training as well where-in they prepare you to be confident while facing the interviews. They provide around 4000 real time interview questions from top notch MNCs which are greatly helpful for interview preparation. In addition to all this they also help you with resume rebuilding. All this is provided to the participant during the training. Post training too their support through placement opportunity details is continued. So, friends I got the best training at Testleaf for Selenium and now I am career proof with best offer in my hand and a great salary hike. I would suggest anyone looking for automation testing not to waste their time and upskill at Testleaf to get 100% success and confidence in automation.