April 1, 2020

Role of Theatre in Society

In our society there are many ways to entertain one self, digital media is one of the easiest ways. people can enjoy anywhere any time with the help of mobile phones, laptop, etc because our private companies have made possible this by providing internet connectivity at very low cost . Earlier when people did not have these facilities he used to go watching theatre shows.  At  that time theatre art was very popular, when and where theatre first originated is unknown, but its impact on society is evident for a long time it is said that the first theatrical performances were coupled with myths or stories .over time ,the myths themselves separated from the rituals aspects and soon were performed for the primary purpose of telling stories , artist perform very well and show their skills .in  theatre you will find a wonderful opportunity to explore the human condition and collect together. It is a really complicated part of human life due to having the chance to show the good and bad sides of human behaviour. In today’s world where everything is online available and digitally accessible people don’t show any interest in stage performance, they think it an old fashioned and waste of money and time as well.

Earlier people might easily connect with history through the stage and make an effective emotional connection to roots. The theatre is the most crucial one for many reasons such as –

  • Self-discovery
  • Expression
  • History and education
  • Performing arts
  • Creativity
  • Self-discovery and expression

When we perform any stage show we try to give our best so that people might get connect us performing an art teaches people how to express ourselves wonderfully. Theatre is very important for our society as it has many beneficial impacts, like forming new opinions, receiving constructive criticism, solve problem in a better way, determination and discipline. We can also teach our children how to work unitedly to achieve a common goal. It develops the quality to keep their thoughts and views before the public; it helps to generate confidence to speak before a huge crowd.

History Education and Performing Arts

One of the reasons why there are so many performing art colleges in London and Paris, often seen as important educational centers for theatre and dance, is that the performing arts teach us about our history and educate us in other ways .Shakespeare was the greatest theatre artist in his time. His creations were still very popular. Even work by Sheridan, such as the school for scandal, teaches us about ourselves, and was regarded as risqué political commentary when it was first performed.


Above all else, the performing arts are about being creative. A creative mind can perform outstandingly on the stage it can draw the attention of audiences by doing creative work which amuses people and holds them till the last. Even scientists say that creativity is an essential part of a human to get successful in life. There are so many institutes that teach how to be a creative person. In these institutes many kinds of courses run like dancing, singing, acting etc. In our India there are many big personalities who started their careers as a theatre artist like Shabana Azmi Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher, and many more.

So what is vital is that performing arts continue to be nurtured and encouraged.

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