Rising FD interest rates, make money with these schemes!

With the recent increase in interest rates, investors with varying goals and risk appetites are signing up to start fixed deposit accounts now more than ever. Increased interest rates mean higher returns that contribute to your wealth, help you meet future goals, or help you save up for upcoming expenses. This also means you can gain more from secure instruments such as an FD without having to choose between security and high returns. Take a look at all you need to know to guide your investment.

Increase in all kinds of fixed deposit rates

The increase in fixed deposit rates isn’t just subjected to a certain type of fixed deposit. Senior citizen FDs that already offer higher interest rates than regular FDs now offers an increased interest rate too. This makes them more lucrative than before. Moreover, you can also gain higher interest on special tenor schemes and renewal of fixed deposits offered by your preferred issuer.

Thus, in order to yield the best returns possible, it is essential that you choose the right fixed deposit to invest in. Though all fixed deposits have increased interest rates, some offerings will still be better than the others and can help you leverage your money. Take a look at how you can choose the right FD below.

Choosing the best FD offering for your needs made easy

  • Check company FD interest rates and compare with tax-saving FDs and bank FDs
  • Consider FDs with additional benefits like doorstep document pickup
  • Invest in an FD that offers a loan against the same for greater liquidity

If you are looking for an investment avenue that is an amalgamation of all the points listed above, look no further than the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit. This scheme gives you high returns. In fact, you can enjoy Fixed Deposit interest rates as high as 8.60% when you invest in a Bajaj Finserv FD started for at least 3 years with interest returns on maturity. If you are a senior citizen, the rate is even higher and you can avail a return rate of 8.95% on this same FD.

Moreover, renewing your investment is rewarding as you can gain an additional 0.25% interest rate on the same. You can also enjoy this additional 0.25% interest rate if you are an existing Bajaj Finance customer or employee. To ensure that you don’t miss out on this additional interest as a regular investor, Bajaj Finance has launched a special tenor scheme that will cater to your short-term investment requirements.

Here you can invest in an FD of Rs.1,00,000 for just 15 months and gain 0.25% higher ROI under the special tenor scheme. In fact, in just 15 months, you can accrue Rs.10,500 in interest gains with this deposit amount and tenor. Check the same easily using an FD Interest Calculator India and choose the most lucrative FD option.

Secure your finances with ease by applying for an FD online today! You can also manage it online and benefit from never missing out on maturity dates with reminders from Bajaj Finance when your FD is closing in on its maturity date.