India's richest man's property grew 2200 crores Every Day- Read this Report

A study of Oxford on Monday said that Indian billionaires have earned Rs 2,200 crore in one day last year. On this day, one percent of the richest people in the country had become rich over 39 percent. According to News 18 news, the fate of billionaires at the global level rose by 12 percent or $ 2.5 billion a year in 2018, while the world’s poorest half-population saw an 11 percent drop in its assets.
Oxfam said – this increasing inequality is reducing the fight against poverty, is harming the economy and is blowing the anger of the common people around the world. One of the key participants at the WEF summit, Winnie Bayanema, executive director of Oxfam International, said – It is morally insulting that some wealthy individuals are accepting a growing share of India’s assets, while poor their food or their child’s medicines Are struggling to pay.
He further said- If this inequality continues, then this country’s social and democratic structure will fall completely. Given that the funding is becoming even more concentrated, Oxfam said that 26 people are now equal to 3.8 billion people, who were below 44 people, showing the poorest people of humanity last year. Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, increased his property to $ 112 billion Tell that only 1 percent of their property is equal to the whole health budget for 115 million people in Ethiopia.
India’s top 10 percent population has 77.4 percent of total national wealth. Oxfam said that high level of inequality influences democracy. At the same time, the lowest 60 percent, the majority of the population is only 4.8 percent of the national asset. The population of wealth of top 9 billionaires is equal to the wealth of the bottom 50 percent of the population. Oxfam said that between 2018 and 2022, there are estimated to be 70 million dollar millionaires every day in India.