Researcher Claim – Danger for Health Band and Smart Watch Privacy

A Indian-origin researcher has claimed that the devices that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) are expected to steal users’ health data. Users’ health data can not be protected through existing laws and regulations.
This research is done by Anil Ashwani, a researcher at Berkeley Engineering College, University of California, USA. Research has shown that smart phones, smartwatch and activity tracker collect health data from the users and with the help of AI, the users’ daily pattern can be easily understood.
Ashwani said, “Facebook can collect user data with the help of an active application on the smartphone and then match the user’s health data from another company, in this way they will have access to health care data of users. And then the company can use it either to show the advertisement or to sell this data to other companies. ”
However, he also said that the problem is not with the device but the misuse of the data. They said that the data that these devices collect, can be misused and sold.
Ashwani said, “I am not saying that we should not use these devices, but we need to be careful how we are using this data? We need to keep the data of users safe . ”
Ashwani said that existing rules and regulations have failed to protect the people’s data. The government considers people’s health data as private data, but they do not keep this data as secure as what people expect. Most tech companies do not come under these rules.
He said that nowadays there are many companies that buy people’s health data and their work is to match health data to people’s personal data and then this data is sold to other companies.